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Shoulder Sleeve Insignia of Divisions

U.S. Army

Second World War

Part Four: Armored and Cavalry

Armored Divisions

3rd Armored Division

Third Armored Division Shoulder Sleeve Insignia

The various armored divisions all have a similar design except that their individual unit number appears in the place of the third's three. The following armored divisions were activated during the Second World War. There was also a basic armored force shoulder sleeve insignia lacked any unit designation.

The websites listed below give background information regarding World War Two units. If any viewer is aware of a missing link or finds a link not working please notify the Webmaster.

Unit Year Activated Service Wedsite Unit Year Activated Service Website
First 1940 N. Africa, Italy Website Ninth 1942 E.T.O.
Second 1940 N. Africa, Sicily, E.T.O. Website Tenth 1942 E.T.O.
Third 1941 E.T.O. Website 1
Website 2
11th 1942 E.T.O. Website
Fourth 1941 E.T.O. Website 12th 1942 E.T.O. Website
Fifth 1941 E.T.O. 13th 1942 E.T.O.
Sixth 1942 E.T.O. Website 14th 1942 E.T.O.
Seventh 1942 E.T.O. Website 16th 1943 E.T.O.
Eighth 1942 E.T.O. 20th 1943 E.T.O. Web Site

Cavalry Divisions

"We must not be assume that the untried machine can displace the proved and tried horse."
(Major General John K. Herr, Chief of Cavalry 1938)

On the eve of World War Two a number of National Guard and inactive Regular Army Cavalry divisions existed on paper. The success of the German armored divisions and the perceived failure of American cavalry during the Louisiana Maneuvers caused the Army to abandon the horse cavalry. Two dismounted cavalry divisions were active during World War Two.
1st Cavalry Division 2nd Cavalry Division
1st 1922 2nd 1928
Pacific North Africa

A Brief History of the U.S. Cavalry
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