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Shoulder Sleeve Insignia of Chemical Mortar Battalions

United States Army

Second World War

84th Chem Mortar

Tab of the 84th Chemical Mortar Worn with the
Shoulder Sleeve Insignia of the 5th Army on a Period Uniform

During World War One poison gas was a horror. During World War Two both sides developed the capability but neither used it as a military weapon. However, the Chemical Mortar Battalions did not sit out the war as a deterrent. They were used in a close combat support role as mortar units, often as support to ranger or assault units, and suffered many combat casualties. Their insignia were not approved by the War Department but were worn during the war. Most illustrated here were made for collectors after the war. Original examples are so indicated.

Shield Designs

2nd Chem Mortar 82nd Chem Mortar 93rd Chem. Mortar 96th Chem. Mortar
2nd Chemical Mortar c1945 82nd Chemical Mortar c1945 (1) 93rd Chemical Mortar c1945 (2) 96th Chemical Mortar c1945


91th Chem. Mortar
91st Chemical Mortar c1945

Similar Tabs were worn by the 81st,84th and 91st.

Other designs

83rd Chem. Mortar 83rd Chem. Mortar 100th Chem. Mortar
83rd Chemical Mortar 1944 (3) 83rd Chemical Mortar 1945 (4) 100th Chemical Mortar 1945 (5)


  1. Original theater-made example (courtesy: David Kaufman)
  2. Original example on a uniform. Versions of this exist with white rather than yellow letter that may be manufacturer's error. Some white lettered examples are black light positive indicating postwar manufacture.
  3. Original theater-made example
  4. Original theater-made example
  5. Original theater-made example (courtesy: David Kaufman)

Link: Bruce Elliott's history of Chemical Mortar Battalions (Includes Original Insignia)
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