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American Military Patches, Other Insignia and Decorations of World War Two by Dr. Howard G. Lanham 1999

Shoulder Sleeve Insignia of Army Air Forces

Second World War


A Colonel and Flight Surgeon of the 11th Air Force based in Alaska proudly displays the shoulder sleeve insignia of his command.

Shoulder Sleeve Insignia of Multiple Army Air Forces Combat Commands

Strategic Air Forces in Europe Mediterranean Air Force Ear East Air Forces
Strategic Air Forces in Europe 1944

E.T.O. 8th & 15th A.F.
Mediterranean Air Forces 1944

E.T.O. 12th & 15th A.F.
Far East Air Forces 1945

Pacific 5th & 13th A.F.

Shoulder Sleeve Insignia of Army Air Forces

First Air Force Second Air Force Third Air Force Fourth Air Force Fifth Air Force
First 1944 Second 1943 Third 1943 Forth 1943 Fifth 1943
U.S. (East) U.S. (Northwest) U.S. (South) U.S. (Southwest) Pacific
Sixth Air Force Seventh Air Force Eight Air Force Ninth Air Force 10th Air Force
Sixth 1943 Seventh 1943 Eight 1943 Ninth 1943 10th 1918
Caribbean Pacific E.T.O. E.T.O. C.B.I. (1)
11th Air Force 12th Air Force 13th Air Force 14th Air Force 15th Air Force
11th 1943 12th 1943 13th 1944 14th 1943 15th 1944
U.S. (Alaska) E.T.O. Pacific China E.T.O.
20th Air Force Desert Air Force
20th 1923 Desert Air Force 1941 (2)
Pacific E.T.O.


  1. China-India-Burma
  2. The Desert Air Force was a British organization. This shoulder sleeve insignia is believed to have been unofficially worn by American personnel serving with the force.

Miscellaneous Army Air Force Insignia
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