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American Military Patches, Other Insignia and Decorations of World War Two by Dr. Howard G. Lanham 1999

Shoulder Sleeve Insignia of Divisions

Second World War

Part Two

Divisions 36th to 83rd

The date is the year the basic design was approved. The theater in which the unit served is indicated.

The websites listed below give background information regarding World War Two units. If any viewer is aware of a missing link or finds a link not working please notify the Webmaster.

36th Division 37th Division 38th Division 39th Division 40th Division
36th 1918 37th 1918 38th 1918 39th 1918 40th 1918
E.T.O. Pacific Pacific not activated Pacific
Website Website Website Website
41st Division 42nd Division 43rd Division 44th Division 45th Division
41st 1918 42nd 1918 43rd 1923 44th 1921 45th 1939
Pacific E.T.O. Pacific E.T.O. E.T.O.
Web Site Website Web Site Website
63rd Division 65th Division 66th Division 66th Division 69th Division 70th Division
63rd 1943 65th 1943 66th (early version)1943 66th 1943 69th 1943 70th 1943
E.T.O. E.T.O. U.S. E.T.O. E.T.O. E.T.O.
Web Site Website Web Site Website
71st Division 75th Division 76th Division 77th Division 78th Division
71th 1943 75st 1943 76th 1943 77th 1918 78th 1919 (1)
E.T.O. E.T.O. E.T.O. Pacific E.T.O.
Website Website Website Website
79th Division 80th Division 81st Division 82nd Division 83rd Division
79th 1918 80th 1918 81st 1918 82nd 1918/1942 (2) 83rd 1918
E.T.O. E.T.O. Pacific E.T.O. E.T.O.
Website Website Website
Web Site


  1. Design modified 1919 from 1918 version
  2. Airborne Tab approved in 1942

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