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Mikey Jarrett a.k.a Mack Daddy

Things That Keep me Going Strong

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I regret the lost of so many innocent people 911 last week. Many lives have been disrupted and greatly affected. All my prayers go out to the rescuers, lost souls, families, friends and foes! We must pray for peace! Ya Hear!

See What they Have done to the World Trade Center and Thousands of Lives!Click Link

Pictures Of WTC 911 Attack!

Please give a listen to My new Song as a tribute to the "WTC 911 Attack."Wha Dat? Twin Towers Drop!"! "Listen To Wha Dat, Twin Towers Drop"

"Keep Listening to your Favorite Radio Stations for the Release on My New C.D. "Mikey Jarrett and Friends". It is due to be released by December!You can find it at V.P. Records USA and You Can even Call me! At 718-291-7058 ! Blessings!

Check out the pictures from the "Blood and Fire U.S. Tour with Dillinger, Rankin Joe, Trinity and The Blood and fire Posse from London at Joe's Pub" in April 2000.

Earl Chin and Carl

Mikey Jarrett and Jah Life

More of The Crew

More of The Crew

More of the Crew

Guess Who?

More Pictures To Come. Bookmark my web site for more updates

"First Things First".........."I would like to Thank God,and all the Artist, Producers, Fans, and Most of all, My Family, Who supported me through The Good and Bad Times, and Sticking with me through "THICK and THIN"!I am Very Grateful..........and I shall Keep on doing what I do Best,......which is pleasing my Fans! Because Music is "My Life". I Love Music so much ! "It's Real......"JAH's Blessing is all I seek !


"Hawaii Aloha 2000 Tour Scheduel"

EASY STAR CULTURLINNIUM ALOHA 2000 TOUR April 21st- May 1st, 2000 OAHU, HI Featuring: OSSIE DELLIMORE, MIKEY JARRETT, Sista Cindy Simeon, Tony Rankin, Live-I-Culture Band, The Heartical Crew, Ookla La Mok, Big Every Time, and many local artists Friday April 21st Don Ho's CD RELEASE PARTY FOR T.H.C. Saturday April 22nd Breathless Sunday April 23 Havana Cabana's Tuesday, April 25 Compadres Thursday April 27th Shipley Ale House Friday April 28th Haleiwa Joe's Saturday April 29th Breathless Sunday April 30th Don Ho's

"Liv-I-Culture Crew" "Liv-I-Culture Band"

Mikey Jarrett

Mikey Jarrett was born and raised in TRENCHTOWN,Kingston Jamaica. Whether you say he is an Aquarian or a Joseph,that's your choice. He migrated to the United States, where his career started an an Entertainer in the Dance Hall, Chanting, Chattind, Toasting on numerous Reggae Sound Systems. Just to name a few of the Sound Systems back in the days . Sounds like:"Son's Junior", "Sir Tommy's","Papa Moke","DownBeat the Ruler",etc.In 1983, he was "Crowned" the "King of Brooklyn" in the Dance Hall. In 1981, Mikey Jarrett linked with "JAH LIFE RECORDS ", where he successfully had his First Hit "SADAT", which was produced by "Junior" and "Percy". In 1983, Mikey Jarrett started his own independent label called "WHAT'S UP DOC?", where he co-produced with "DILLINGER" and singer "GEORGE NOOKS". This was titled "FREEDOM BLUES".Mikey selfproduced another successful tune titled "NOTHING NAH SAFE". This tune is focusing on how nothing we use these days is safe anymore.His next label explored was "14K". Mikey Jarrett has produced such artist like"HORACE ANDY","PATRICK ANDY","CARLTON LIVINGSTON", "LONE RANGER","SCION SUCCESS", and many many more.In 1983, Mikey also had a big hit with "NAH LEAVE MI YARDIE". This was produced and Distributed by "HIT BOUND RECORDS".


*** CELL 917-213-8105 ***

*******TELEPHONE/ FAX 718-735-7003 ******

I am planning to join Easy Star Artist "OSSIE DELLIMORE", "PATRICK Jr.", "TONY RANKIN", "SISTA CINDY SIMEON","THE LIVE I CULTURE BAND", and Hawaii's own...."T.H.C."(The Heartical Crew), this April 22-30,2000 for The EASY STAR CULTURELINIUM 2000 ALOHA TOUR

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