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The Wall


This page is dedicated to my brother Charlie who was killed in action durning The Viet Nam War. Also a online friend Johnnie Jones, Roy A Moseley* and to all those who served or where killed,lost or missing in Action.

For over 20 years I would not accept the fact that Charlie was dead.. For you see they said his body was so battered it was deemed unrecognizable and we never opened his coffin. Our dad wanted to remember Charlie as he was he did not want to have his last image of Charlie being a vision of a mingled and battered body. So in my minds eye there was always a glimmer of hope that he would return. I just always knew they had made a mistake. But,upon my visit to the minature wall and I saw his name upon the stone cold marble I had to let my hope go. That hope has kept me away from his grave all these years because I refused to believe he was gone. Now I feel so guilty about never going back since the day of his funeral in May of !970. And now I live so far away hopes of every going back to Arizona to say goodbye to him is rather slim..

So, Charlie I am so sorry I have never returned to your grave.
I just never could believe you were dead.
"Please Forgive Me"

In the shadows of the Wall are the names of the ones who gave their all

Charlie it has been so long ago since the day you called to say goodbye

Our hearts some how knew then you were not returning and that you would be one of those who would fall,

To become a Shadow on the Wall..

Gone are the years but my heart still aches for you ,
and the tears always seen to flow.
Your sis Margaret..

Cpl Charles Allen Davidson

CHARLES ALLEN DAVIDSON CPL - E3 - Army - Regular 4th Infantry Division 20 year old Single, Caucasian, Male Born on Jan 11, 1950 From TUCSON, ARIZONA His tour of duty began on Jan 06, 1970 Casualty was on May 08, 1970 CAMBODIA HOSTILE, GROUND CASUALTY GUN, SMALL ARMS FIRE Body was recovered Religion PROTESTANT Panel 11W - - Line 130
The first known admitted casuality to be killed in Cambodia from the state of Arizona.

Shadows on the Wall

Written by Johnnie Jones

Reflections of the past in granite cold.
Each name written a story untold.
Faces eitched in battles past.
Upon forgotten places in time will last.
So is told from within,
The Shadows on the Wall

Hear the crys from within the stone.
Why were we forsaken at home.
So listen well to what is said from within
The Shadows on the Wall

To all the protesters that shamed our death we have but one thing to ask...

For each an everyone of you to kiss our ASS....
Now the story is told of the

Shadows on the wall...

my input Forgotten soldiers of the past,
young men whose bodies layed torn and mingled their blood spilled upon the grass.

For those of you who made it home stand proud and walk tall.. .

Do it for those who names are eitched upon the Wall.

Johnnie thank you so much for things you write and give to me....Johnnie you may not be a Shadow on the Wall but for you and all who served durning Nam.. You are still living in the shadows of the past. And I for one love ,respect and thank you for giving your all....

copyright@1999 By Johnnie Jones and Margaret Moseley

Roy A. Moseley is my ex husband he served 3 tours of duty in SEA. He was stationed in Thailand when my brother was killed.. He was a FireFighter in crash an rescue.In 1972 he was deemed Chief Of Heros by his follow AirMen.He flew rescue missions on the helicopter "Pedro". He dedicated his life to this country for 24 years.Msgt Roy A.Moseley U.S.A.F retired. Oct.14,1962 to Oct.1986. 19 years of being a military wife has instilled in me the highest respect and reqards to all members of the military branches.

Johnnie Jones his Words.

To my company those who died and those who came back. The heros of the war is those who were not lucky to make it back, for us that did we will forever be in their debt.

There was no glamor to war, no great march to glory with drums and marching bands. What we found was the best and the worst of man and the truth of war is that its the most inhuman act that mankind can inflect upon itself.

War is not and answer to problems but a lack of one and in the end time changes things not the gun.

But as long as there is those that would seek to take by force the God given right to be a free spirt as the Lord intented us to be we as the keepers of the free world we as a nation must be ready to defend our brothers for we are our brothers keeper.

And the greatest gift an american soldier can give to the world other than his life is that after the smoke of the battle is gone the Flag of this great country ,The United States of America, Flag still waves and stands strong and proud over the field of battle.

We must not forget, we must not let those who took our pride forget those brothers and sisters who gave the final gift of life to let the world know we will not let freedom , our country or our flag fall.

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