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Logistics Inc. is an international freight forwarder with partnership agreements around the globe. From our home in Baltimore, we handle shipments to and from all major trading countries. For a description of what you should be looking for in a freight forwarder, read on...

The freight forwarder is your transport architect. Professional freight forwarders will research and advise on rates and routings from and to anywhere in the world. A specialist in transportation, the forwarder has vast resources to find the right services to move cargo quickly, safely, cost-effectively and within the regulatory requirements of both the exporting and importing countries. By handling large volumes of freight, forwarders are able to provide expertise not available to individual shippers. Although the term "forwarder" traditionally means export, a true forwarder has the ability to arrange transport into the U.S. as well.

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Meeting Your Needs

Many ingredients are involved in finding the right forwarder to meet your goals. Here are some things to think about...

As the architect of transport for your company, your prospective forwarder should be capable of providing various options for your decision on routing, pricing and timing of delivery. The cost of transportation is always important, but you need to be informed of the risks involved in "cheap" rates. Will you be sacrificing reliability of the carriers or cargo security and finding out about it later?


Full Transport Service

After the booking is made your vendor calls and informs you they cannot load a container. Or your client in Europe needs duty and tax rates before he commits to buying the merchandise. Without having a full service forwarder, you may find yourself unable to adapt to the constantly changing world of international trade.



Your trading activity may, now or in the future, involve the importing of goods. They should hold a valid license, issued by the Department of the Treasury. In order to obtain a broker’s license, a rigorous background investigation is conducted, a test on classification, valuation and regulation must be passed and continued compliance must be maintained. All this brings an additional level of professionalism to your forwarder.


Does a strong partnership exists with forwarders around the world to keep control of your merchandise? The best forwarders have established private networks to track and deliver your merchandise.


Shipping under a letter or credit does not guarantee payment; you have documentary obligations and your forwarder is your biggest asset or liability in this regard. Banking rules are dynamic and forwarders must be up to the job of finding potential problems with your letters of credit before you ship anything (whether your selling or buying).


The documentary credit is an excellent method of transacting business with companies you don’t know, but with existing relationships, do you really need the high cost of a letter of credit? Your forwarder should have alternatives for you.


Although your terms of purchase or sale require another entity to provide cargo insurance, you still have risk. A required function of your forwarder must be the ability to explain these risks and to provide appropriate coverage for you. Cargo insurance is just a minute percentage of your transaction, and your forwarder must be prepared to provide a complete insurance product.


As an international trader, you must be well informed about duty drawback. Can your forwarder provide you with information and establish a program to allow you to participate the refund of customs duties?


The National Freight Forwarders and Customs Brokers Association is dedicated to educating the industry on new issues.


Especially important in this day of high speed transport, is high speed, electronic communication. EDI is a buzzword and has several definitions, but can your forwarder even discuss this, or better, can they implement a EC (electronic commerce) product for you?


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