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Land-Locked Striper Facts

In Maryland, Land Locked Stripers exist mainly in Liberty Reservoir which is located between Baltimore and Carroll counties. Stripers, unlike Largemouth Bass, gorge themselves until they are full and won't feed again until their stomachs are empty. This makes fishing for them very much hit and miss, as the entire schools feed at practically the same time.

For the most part, Stripers stay together in schools. School size can range from just a few fish, to several hundred or even thousands. Running in schools they cover lots of ground quickly and may be here this morning, a few miles away in the afternoon, and somewhere else entirely tomorrow.

Compared to Largemouth, Stripers are more light sensitive and easy to spook. This would account for the fact that the most productive fishing times are early morning, late evening, or nighttime. Overcast or dark rainy days present the greatest opportunity for daytime fishing for Stripers.

Baits to use
There are a couple of options when it comes to bait, but you definitely want to select something from the list below.

Live Bait:        Chicken Liver: Works well for smaller Stripers and the occasional large fish.
Shiners: Best for larger fish. Any small Baitfish such as bluegill or crappie works well.

Artificial:     The list is enormous. Basically the same lures used for Largemouth Bass. The exception here is that you can use very large lures (12"+) to target giant Stripers

-Bill Mallonee September, 2000