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For lots of info on the EBT, check out Chris Coleman's EBT page. It is very nicely done. Here are six photos of the Shade Gap Electric Railway which is also located at Rockhill Furnace (Orbisonia).
The Whistle Salute.JPG 64kWhistle Salute at the EBT usually occurs around noon of both Saturday and Sunday of the Fall Festival. This year the festival was October 7-8, 2000. We just missed it on Saturday.
Double.JPG 59k This doubleheader prepares to head north. I was surprised at the large turnout for this event. I have been to several and they are not usually as crowded as this year. Checkout a north bound shot of this train on the roll.   Shot 2
Bridge.JPG 67kNumber 17 crosses the creek a few hundred yards north of the station. The weather this year was ok on Saturday except for the clouds. It was almost impossible to get a "post card" photo with the cloudy sky. But occasionally the Sun broke through. This wasn't one of those times.
M1.JPG 53k The M1 is always a popular fixture at EBT. For $25 you could ride her all day.
14.JPG 65kNumber 14 heads south just north of the bridge. What luck, some sun light! Most of the remainder of these photos need no chit-chat; so I will just post them. They are taken north of the station.

From Previous Festivals

EBT.JPG 64k EBT East Broad Top chugs to the picnic area. This spot can be found by heading North out of Orbisonia and making a left at an old barn on the left side of Rt. 522. Best shots here are in the afternoon.
EBT.JPG 81k A doubleheader
arrives at the station in Orbisonia, Pa. This was the EBT's annual Fall Spectacular. It is usually held Columbus Day weekend which is the 2nd weekend in October. One will also see triple headers.
EBT.JPG 72k EBT Number 17 heads back to Orbisonia during the EBT October Railfest. This spot is just a short distance from the station. They pull out everything that will run and some stuff that doesn't.

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Last Update: 11/05/2000