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Welcome to
The Amethyst Eyes Gallery

A collection of art celebrating the beauty and mystery of
Daniel Molloy

(Obligatory Threatening Statement)
ALL images here are the property of THE ARTISTS ALONE!
It is ILLEGAL to download these images and use them for ANY purpose WITHOUT the EXPRESS PERMISSION of THE ARTIST!

If you wish to use any of the images for any reason, please use the link provided to visit the Artist's website and ASK the Artist first!
Thank you very much!
(End Obligatory Threatening Statement)

Photo Disclaimer: All images here are the property of the photographer, the subject, Geffen Pictures, Warner Brothers Home Video, Armand, or the Artists themselves.

 No profit will be made from their display.

Right this way!
Drinking and smoking are encouraged in
The Amethyst Eyes Gallery!

Exhibit One - The Black Rose

Exhibit Two - Syzygy

Exhibit Three - Etoile

Exhibit Four - Night Island Coven

Exhibit Five - IWTV Manga

Exhibit Six - River Phoenix

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If YOU have Daniel Art which you would allow me to display in the gallery,
please E-Mail Me!

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