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The Best Educational Online Mailing Lists Ever!

Compiled By: Sarah R. Blattner, Project Manager, Professional Development, Maryland Public Television

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ASCD Education Bulletin

This online newsletter includes short items of interest to people who care about K-12 education. It covers topics of continuing concern to the Association for Supervision and Curriculum, instruction, assessment, technology, equity, diversity, and maintaining strong support for public schools. Previous issues can be viewed and searched at by clicking on "Publications & Multimedia" at the main menu. To subscribe to this newsletter, send an e-mail message to and leave the subject line blank. Your message should say "subscribe bulletin your name" (but donít use the quotation marks).

Blue Webín

The weekly e-mail message generated by this site lists Web pages that represent the best in a given area of study. Expect one message per week.

To subscribe: Log on to the Web site above and type in your e-mail address and click "send!"

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Classroom Connect

Visit Classroom Connectís subscribe page for (4) different valuable tools:

  1. Classroom Connectís Mailing List
  2. Classroom Connect Staff Development
  3. Library Hot Five
  4. Quest-Announce
Find the best educational Web sites, learn about conferences and staff development opportunities, find out about online projects, and read the news about Internet-related education! Follow the directions on this site to sign up for each mail list.

Copernicus: The Education Gateway

Copernicus strives to bring teachers, parents, and students the best educational sites the Internet has to offer. You can receive Copernicus-selected hot sites, articles, and curriculum ideas right to your "in box" by subscribing to any or all of the newsletters. Follow the instructions on this Web page for the following listserv newsletters: 1. Elementary Update, 2. Middle School Bulletin, 3. The Electronic Classroom.

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Ed.Net Briefs

For a free subscription, log on to this Web site and follow the directions. While on the site, review online education resources, the educatorsí bookstore and more. Each newsletter issue covers national education news, education-realted technology news, and much much more! This service is sponsored by Computer Curriculum Corporation at CCC is a leading provider of interactive software, professional development and technical services to K-12 schools. Check it out!

Edís Oasis Oracle

Log on to this site and follow the directions to receive this listserv that keeps you abreast of current events in education, technology and resources for teachers! The Edís Oasis Web site is also a treasure of resources for teachers at

Edsource NETFUTURE Newsletter

To subscribe to this newsletter dealing with technology and human responsibility, send the message "subscribe netfuture yourfirstname yourlastname, (without the quotes)" to No subject line is needed. This newsletter is published by The Nature Institute, 169 Route 21C, Ghent, NY 12075. The editor is Steve Talbott, author of The Future Does Not Compute: Transcending the Machines in Our Midst.

Ejournals in Education

This page is a compilation of links to nearly 50 scholarly electronic journals in the field of education. Log on to this site to select the ones that interest you! They have included only links to electronic journals that are scholarly, peer-reviewed, full text and accessible without cost. They have excluded professional magazines that are largely not monitored, and commercial journals that may only allow access to a very limited number of articles as an enticement to buy.

Electronic School Web Updates

Electronic School is published

quarterly as a print and online supplement to American School Board Journal, in cooperation with the Institute for the Transfer of Technology to Education (ITTE), a program of the National School Boards Association. Sign up for the Web updates or sign up for the Electronic School Web,

a brief message when they add new material to the Electronic School web site. This is hosted by Check out the main Web site:

ENC Digital Dozen

The Eisenhower National Clearninghouse for Mathematics and Science Education (ENC) searches the Net for new and fascinating resources for math and science teachers and classrooms, and each month recognizes a selection of these as the Digital Dozen. By being signed up for the MDK-12 Listserv you will automatically receive this monthly. If you donít want to receive it monthly, just log on to the above site to check out the sites at your leisure.

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From Now On The Educational Technology Journal

You will receive a monthly issue ten months of the year by e-mail (September - June) which provides a major portion of each month's online issue, but many folks still prefer the online version because it provides hyperlinked access to many other resources. This journal is published by Jamie McKenzie, a former classroom teacher. This journal offers current events and resources in educational technology.

The Global Schoolhouse

Log on to this site to sign up for membership. This site is sponsored by Lightspan and Cisco Systems. Use the Global Schoolhouse as a teacher resource, a kid resource or a parent resource. Many low-cost educational software deals are announced via e-mail, once you sign up for the free membership! For instance, buy a clipart and publishing CD-ROM for as low as $5.00! The bookstore often reviews the latest software and technology books, as well.

Homework Central:

Weekend on the Web or W.O.W.

At the beginning of each week, the editors at Homework Central send out a list of some of the best, newly found, academic sites on the Web. Sign up for this service at the above site and start receiving a weekly newsletter. Click on "become a member, free." By signing up for this site, you automatically become a member of The Top 8, which is a weekly newsletter highlighting great Web sites of the week. In addition, you will also receive access to free Web space and a place to put up your favorite links on the web for your own personal bookmarks page.

The K.I.D.S. Report

Visit the above site to subscribe. The K.I.D.S. Report is a new publication produced by K-12 students as a resource to other K-12 students. It is an ongoing, cooperative effort of students in the Madison, Wisconsin Metropolitan School District and students in Boulder, Colorado, Boulder Valley School District. Teachers assist and provide support, however students select and annotate all resources included in every issue of the K.I.D.S. Report.

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This newsletter is delivered bi-monthly and contains information about wonderful online lesson plans that educators can use in their classrooms. You may request a topic youíd like to see in a future newsletter with the form on this site. You can also find subscription information and the archives on this Web site. If you want to subscribe via e-mail without visiting the Web site: Send a message to that says "subscribe lessonstop (without the quotes)." Do not write anything in the subject line of the e-mail.

MDK-12 Listserv

Marylandís Education Listserv

This listserv reaches over 500 teachers across the state of Maryland. Join this mail list to receive daily discussion and questions about real issues confronting teachers in the classroom, technology problems and loads of good ideas. To subscribe: Send an e-mail message to and write "subscribe" (without the quotes) in the message. Do not write a subject on the subject line of the message. To post a message to the entire listserv (all 500+ members!) send an e-mail to MDK-12@UMDD.UMD.EDU. State a brief subject on the subject line of the e-mail and begin your message with quotes (") and end your message in quotes. You will receive a confirmation e-mail as well as a copy of your sent message.

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Log on to the site above to sign up for this one. Net-Happenings is a service of the Internet Scout Project in the Computer Science Department at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. It is produced and edited by Gleason Sackman, an Internet Scout Project staff member who works remotley from Fargo, North Dakota. The goal of Net-Happenings is to distribute announcements about Internet resources to network users and providers, and especially to the K-12 community.

Netsurfer Digest

Log on to this site to subsribe to this montly newsletter. Netsurfer Digest is your guide to interesting news, places and resources online. It is delivered by e-mail to any mailbox reachable via the Internet. Each week it brings you short, crisp newsbytes, notices, and reviews designed to provide informative and entertaining snapshots of the vast wired world. Periodically, you can also expect to see Netsurfer Focus a special publication covering a specific topic in more depth.

Netsurfer Education

Enter your e-mail address on this Web site and click on "submit." This digest is published once per month. You can choose to receive an html version or text version. The digest details current news in education, as well as many wonderful useful links.

Netsurfer Science

This digest is brought to you by the same folks as Netsurfer Education. This digest focuses on science, of course! Visit this Web site and follow the directions on the page to subscribe.

NY Times Lessons

This wonderful New York Times resource provides teachers with daily lesson plans via e-mail. Teachers can also search the lesson plan database at <> by typing in key words. These lesson are in line with national standards and often contain a multidisciplinary approach. NY Times also offers wonderful links and resources on their Web site! Sign up on this site for the daily NY Times Lesson, which is delivered via e-mail, daily. A definite keeper!


This home page will direct you to many links that assist you in signing up for online newsletters on a variety of topics, including education.

 Online Class: Internet Education Projects

On these pages youíll find interdisciplinary, inquiry-based units that integrate the Internet into classroom teaching. Each program clusters the previously mentioned elements around an interactive, collaborative project on-line.

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Papyrus News

Subscribers to Papyrus News will receive about 3-5 e-mail messages per week on issues related to the global impact of information technology on language, literacy, and education. To subscribe to this list, send an e-mail message to: and type the following into the body of your message: SUBSCRIBE PAPYRUS-NEWS FIRST-NAME-HERE LAST-NAME HERE. Papyrus News is not a discussion list, but rather a one-way distribution list. The home page for Papyrus New is . Papyrus news is run by Dr. Mark Warschauer.

PBS Previews

PBS Previews is a weekly electronic newsletter from PBS Online, designed specifically for preK-12 educators. Subscribe by using the clickable form at All you have to do is type in your e-mail address and select either the html or plain text version.


This mail service offers a weekly quote, a book review, and weekly Web site update! Subscribe to this free newsletter by logging on to the above Web site and follow the directions posted there.


RTEACHER is a listserv run in conjunction with the journal The Reading Teacher, a publication of the International Reading Association. RTEACHER assists a diverse population of educators interested in issues of literacy as well as technology. Over 600 educators participate in conversations about issues of literacy and technology in a very supportive community. To subscribe to the RTEACHER visit the site above and follow the directions on the page.

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Smithsonian Magazine

Click on the above site and enter your email address for the free newsletter.

Surfing the Net with Kids

This mailing list is based on the

newspaper column of the same name. Often based on a theme, the sites listed are highly rated and not always easy to find by just browsing the Net or using a search engine. Expect one message per week. To subscribe: Send an e-mail to Type "subscribe" without the quotes in the message portion of the E-mail. Do not give a subject on the subject line.


This site is the "mother" of all Yahoo e-mail listsóin other words, a comprehensive index of more than 30,000 e-mail listservs, where you can join e-mail conversations about almost every topic. Itís also currently a site where you can set up your own listserv free of charge (though that may change in the future). Some are "moderated" sites, where the person or organization running the listserv selects which e-mail messages to circulate. PremiumLinks is hosted from this site. Click on Education to find oodles of listservs for you!

21st Century Teachers Organization

Register for free! This is a national network of teacher leaders helping themselves and their colleagues through educational technology. While this is not a newsletter, logging on to this site requires you to register.

Wired Classroom: Etools Weekly

If you'd like to keep up with how your colleagues are using technology in their

classrooms, then subscribe to the EtoolsWeekly mailing list. They'll share with you, via a weekly e-mail to the address you specify, a sample of some of the many innovative Wired Classroom tips they receive. EtoolsWeekly is a private, one-way mailing list

managed by the National Education Association.

wNetSchool Bulletin

Visit this Web site and register for the monthly wNetschool Bulletin. You will find highlights on education news, online resources, and the latest developments in online education. This is one you donít want to miss!

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