profanity abounds you have been warned

August 07, 2002
As of today I will no longer be updating web graphics by cluster fly. The reason, I have another project that will be taking up most if not all of my time. The web graphics and other junk aside from my WLS section will all stay here for you to use but there will never be another new piece of art feature here. You will be able to find my new art journal and other things at
Thanks so much for spending time at my site I hope you enjoy the new one when it is finally up and running perfectly!

Do not link directly to my graphics, first of all it's not nice and second angelfire doesn't allow it so all you will get is a nice big fat "angelfire web services" banner the same size as the graphics you linked to. Do not repost my graphics on any other free graphics page or put them on some sort of collection digital or CD. All Original Graphics are copyrighted by ME and all the characters in the anime section are copyright their respective artists (read copyrights in the credits section go do it now!!!!).The only thing that belongs to me are the layouts and design of the anime sets. If I catch you ripping me off I will poke you in the eye really hard. Do not claim my art as your own and do not alter them in anyway (sept for adding text to buttons and banners). A link back is appreciated but not required, and if you do link back please use a link on the same page as my art is being shown so that people know where you got it. Also I expect to be emailed if my art is used or you could at least sign my damn guest book you ungrateful stink children...AOL USERS: Before you view anything else on this site go into your aol preferences locate the WWW button click it then, click the graphics tab and make sure there is NO check mark in the "use compressed graphics" thingie after you have done that hit apply then okay. Doing this will allow you to view and download my art in it's original form with out blurring and looking like shit. That man up in the left corner racing for the bathroom is copy right a little tiny Mexican Goth comic book artist named Jhonen Vaquez who is nice enough to allow me to use his art....

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