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(Cool Links updated last on 21 February 2007)

M I S S I N G   C L A S S M A T E S !

Okay, so maybe they're not really missing, but we can't find them!  Help us out by e-mailing us any information that you might have about anyone on the list.  A telephone number, an e-mail address, their parents' telephone number, an old home address, their last known alias : ) ... whatever you think might be helpful!

Any information will be helpful so we can try to track them down.  As we find people, we'll take their names off of the MIA list.

Missing In Action:
Last updated:  04 February 2007

Jeanette Adams
Donna (Anderson) Gardiner
Cindy Annette Astlin
Angela Baker
Donna Marie Baker
Joseph Wayne Baker
Sharon Annette Barber
Deborah Diane Beall
Robert Michael Bennett
James Stephen Binder
Kenny Bowman
Patricia Renee Briscoe
William F. Briscoe
Julia Lucille Bush
Patrick Henry Bush
Soundra Marie Butler
Sheila Theresa Butler
William E. Butler
Anthony Capone
Adriane Elizabeth Carter
Charles Carter
Rachelle Frances Carter
Robert Fitzgerald Carter
Kenneth R Chewning
Eddie N. Clark
Bernestine C. Collins
Charles Edward Countiss
Joseph Curtis
Karen Cusic
Hoa Tran Dang
Robert Wayne Delozier
Kimberly (Dempsey) Guy
Agnes L. Dickerson
Joseph F Dorsey
Joyce (Dotson) Toye
Robert Gary Dotson
Russell Dufour
William Edward Dyson
James A. Easterling
Linda Marcella Forbes
Ruth Fultz
Jean Caroline (Gass) Hoopingarner
Vicky L. Giles
Brenda Charlene Gordon
Joseph Burch Gough
Anthony Lydell Green
Paula (Grilli) Gibson
Connie (Guy) Fitzgerald
Robert Aloysius Guy
Julie Hanley
Janet Hartswick
Thomas Hartswick
Rita Ann (Hayden) Peeling
Mary G. Healy
David Hearn
Tammy R. Henson
Victoria Herbert
Joseph D. Hill
James Holden
John Hunt
Warren Ellis Hunt
Marcia Theresa Johnson
Elizabeth Dawn Keys
David Matthew Kirby
Brenda (Lacey) Quade
Nick Lane
Mary Renee Lasure
Rose Ann Lathem
Artie Lawrence
Pam Leppin
Karen (Lilly) Keffer
Frederick Alan Long
Melanie (Long) Poole
Edward William Lovejoy
Katherine Ann Mattingly
Francis Desales Mills
Ruth Morgan
Sandra Denise Morgan
Darryl Mueller
Lynda (Mummert) Whited
Lewis Xavier Nelson
Lillian S. Nelson
Diana Leigh Noel
Cindy Owens
Linda Louise Parker
Lisa Michelle Parnell
Cynthia Anne Plater
Christina (Raley) Page
Dawn Anise Reed
Tracy A. Reed
Diane Laurel Reese
Tammy Lynn Rice
Michelle Ringgold
Regina Marie Rosetta
Cheryl (Russell) Chase
Dawn Marie Russell
Joseph Lydell Short
Janet Showalter
Ruth (Sonntag) Hayden
Stefanie E. Stewart
Dawn Ellen Stump
William Styles
Mike Sullivan
Robert Lewis Suttmiller
Patricia (Tabor) Burns
Lonnie C Talbot
Kenneth M Tennyson
Agnes Monica Thomas
Charles Henry Thomas
Francis Darnell Thomas
Mary Lillian Thomas
Monica Thomas
Paul G. Thomas
Phyllis Thomas
Michael D. Thompson
Patricia (Thornburg) Woodburn
Charles R Trossbach
Robert Joseph Truncale
Kenneth Paul Wasson
Darby Francis White
Julie Whitt
Yvette Renee Wills
Janet Lee Windsor
Robert Johnson Wood
Roger Joseph Wood
Joseph Melvin Woodland