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The website that has my FREE sci-fi and fantasy is now at

Yes, I am a Themestream victim. But I am not giving up!!!!!

My novel, "Badlands" is now available for download at for $11.95, plus shipping and handling.

Summary of the novel: A warrior/yogi (a yogin) must ascend to the next level of power in order to save Humanity from the tyrranny of alien forces and from our own self-hatred.


or, go to and search for "Badlands".

A complete listing of my items for sale/download can be found at Infopost by CLICKING HERE

Look, people complain about the lack of black writers in scifi and horror AND/OR the lack of black male and black female and other minority characters as leads in scifi, yadda, yadda, whine, whine. Well, look at it like this: if you WANT more people like to write what you CLAIM you want to see, then download my work so that I can make enough money to write what you say you want 24/7/12!!!!!!



Erotic Art, by The SketchBook

Everything Black

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