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Check out these guys everyone. They are a really awesome up and coming band, I think they're really going to be making a name for themselves soon.

11.16.00: Got a new concert review. yeehaw.

9.26.00: A concert review from Europe w/ pics of Set List and Ticket. AWESOME!

8.31.00: New Pictures

8.28.00: Oh yeah! yet ANOTHER concert review. Keep em coming ya'll!

8.26.00: New Concert review-the lucky girl got a intimate acoustic show with the 3dd boys!

8-22-00: new concert review by Mickey

8-22-00: ahhhh!!! my summer has been more busy than usual! I actually got a job *gasps* so I haven't been able to update as frequently.. and I have been updating with anything I get from people, just not talking aobut it on the updates page. So look around. Hopefully I'll be able to update more now that things have calmed down some.

6.13.00: I got pretty pictures of Me and Joanna with 3DD in the pictures section! wahoo!

6.11.00: wwooaahhh! It's been a while since I've updated! sorry about that guys! I'll be doing better soon, school has been stinky lately :-P but it's almostout now! yeeesss! Anyway, I saw Three Doors Down last night and it RAWKED. They didn't allow cameras so I got no live pics *boooo* but I do got some pictres with the guys, I know you all aren't interested in seeing pictures of ugly little me but TOUGH! lol. I'll also have a review of all the aw4esome things that happened so keep checking back!

5.08.00: New pictures, check em out ya'll!

5.05.00: Happy Cinco de mayo ya'll! lol. Check out the concert reviews section for a new concert review from Chris. :-) Also, I saw the video... and the old man with the teeth scared me. But other than with t fucking rocked!

5.02.00:Click here to read an MTV news article about 3DD

4.25.00: I haven't seen the video yet but I've eben watching MTV like a mad man, I know it's being played though so keep your eyes peeled! In the meantime get a sneak peak on realplayer here

4/20/00: Roxanne gave me some pictures from Club la Vela in Panama City cuz she's just cool like that. So go to the pictures section and check them out doode. Also the video for Kyrptonite is finally in the hands of MTV so ya'll vote for it on trl and look for it on 120 minutes and spankin' new music. I'll post anyhting I find here and e-mail me if YOU find anything. kk?

5/18/00 what cool news...The Better LIfe went gold yo!

5/9/00 I added an interview of Todd and Witchita's T-95, pictures from WCPR's CD release party, and added a CD review

5/7/00 I just found out at last minute that there was a 3 doors down chat on AOL tonight! I'll ahve the transcript up ASAP. ALSO THE BETTER LIFE IS UP TI NUMBER 34 ON THE BILLBOARD CHARTS!! WAHOO!last but not least...I added a few more pictures of the springfest

Hey 3 doors down fans! I'll bet that you will all be happy to hear that they have finally made it! They played LOSER on me mother's soaps! hahaha

Some little Tidbits...

Okay, so these little tidbits don't really effect you but i'm excited so I'm gonna share with you... I was jsut listening to DC101 and they played 3 doors down and then when it was over started talking about how they really liked those guys and how they are getting em back in MD! yahoo! They didn't say when but it'll be at the 9:30 club and hopefully SOON. Also...I have a friend in a band called Showoff and I told him the other day about 3 doors down and how much I loved them and such and he was like 'No way! Our roadie/friend isgoing on tour with them tomorrow!' Well, he went out to visit him and said that he told 3 doors down about me and they got happy...i'm sur no one cares but it really made my day :-)

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