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The following codes are enabled in the Cheat Options menu by completing the appropriate level on the specified difficulty level in the time allowed:

Level 1 - Dam Paintball Mode Secret Agent 2:40
Level 2 - Facility Invincibility 00 Agent 2:05
Level 3- Runway DK Mode Agent 5:00
Level 4 - Surface 2x Grenade Launcher Secret Agent 3:30
Level 5 - Bunker 2x Rocket Launcher 00 Agent 4:00
Level 6 - Silo Turbo Mode Agent 3:00
Level 7 - Frigate No Radar (Multi) Secret Agent 4:30
Level 8 - Surface2 Tiny Bond 00 Agent 4:15
Level 9 - Bunker2 2x Throwing Knives Agent 1:30
Level 10 - Statue Fast Animation Secret Agent 3:15
Level 11 - Archives Invisibility 00 Agent 1:20
Level 12 - Streets Enemy Rockets Agent 1:45
Level 13 - Depot Slow Animation Secret Agent 1:40
Level 14 - Train Silver PP7 00 Agent 5:25
Level 15 - Jungle 2x Hunting Knives Agent 3:45
Level 16 - Control Infinite Ammo Secret Agent 10:00
Level 17 - Caverns 2x RC-P90s 00 Agent 9:30
Level 18 - Cradle Gold PP7 Agent 2:15
Level 19 - Aztec 2x Lasers Secret Agent 9:00
Level 20 - Egyptian All Guns 00 Agent 6:00

To get:

All-Characters Code:
Enter this on Multi-Player mode on character select screen. Start at the very end character on the right...(Mishkin or Moonraker Elite)

    1. Hold the L and R buttons and press C-left
    2. Hold L and press C-up
    3. Hold L and R and press left on the control pad
    4. Hold L and press right on the control pad
    5. Hold R and press down on the control pad 
    6. Hold L and R and press C-left
    7. Hold L and press C-up
    8. Hold L and R and press right on the control pad 
    9. Hold L and R and press C-down
    10.Hold L and press down on the control pad
Your game will not save this code, so you'll have to re-enter it every time you want to use the extra characters...

Scientist Guns:
On any board in Secret or 00 Agent mode with scientists (i.e. facility, silo, caverns), shoot a scientist with any gun just once in the arm and once in the leg. If you did it right, the guy shouldn't die, but he should take out a DD44 Dostovei and start shooting you! They usually hit you and waste health, so don't hesitate to kill them and grab their weapon..

Some people believe that shooting the scientists twice in the leg works better. Try it and see.

Two different guns at the same time:
Once you have a paired set of guns do the following...

If done correctly firing the weapon will lock 1 of the weapons on the screen in the middle of changing weapons, leaving you with a mixed pair!

More guns:
Play the train on the agent level. Now go to the two boxes stacked on top of each other right before the first door on your left. Blow them up and a RC-P90 should pop out with lots of ammo. If you play on secret agent a DD44 will pop out. There is none for 00 agent.

Even More Guns:
In the Water Caverns, in the big room by the Com area by the far windows on the right, in the right hand corner there is a box which, if shot, will explode into a smaller box, which in turn if shot will turn into another smaller box. Continue this until two metallic boxes appear. When shot, each of these creates a AR33 Assault Rifle. You can then hold an Assault Rifle in each hand. Couple that kind of fire power X2 and the zoom function...oh baby.

Uh...Guns, anyone?:
In the caverns level when you go through the blast doors and then through the normal doors to find Trevylan, you can turn back and hang about a bit . If you wait around long enough then an entire fleet of soldiers armed with weird shotguns (with the cartridges on the side????) and RCP-90s come along. After you kill some of them you can run about with two RCP-90s with full ammo. Woohaa!

Remote Mines without Detonators:
On any level with remote mines throw a remote mine anywhere. Hold A+B and it will detonate.

Floating Mines:
Place any kind of mine (remote mines, proximity mines, or timed mines) onto a piece of glass and shoot the glass until it breaks without hitting the mine and blowing it up. Instead of the mine falling it will be floating in midair!

More Floating Mines:
Pick remote mines and then go to the Bunker in Vs. mode. Then you place one mine on each of the T.V.'s (there are eight of them) that are on the ceiling. Blow them up. Now you can place mines anywhere you want in mid-air. All players will have this cheat.

Invisible Mines:
In Multi-player mode, plant a mine on ammo, then pick up the ammo. When you do, the mine is still there but you and your enemy can't see it. It's a good trick if someone is chasing you and isn't very close...

Exploding stairs:
Choose Multi-player "remote mines" "Bunker" and choose characters if you want to... Now go to the big hall (The hall with TVīs) Now choose the "Remote mines" and crouch down and go to the stairs... Now you will see that you can throw a mine exactly under the stairs - not on the diagonal side! Others will see the mine(s) only at the straight side! Now when you know a person will go on the stairs... KABOOOM!

Cool train glitch:
For this code you have to have 2x Grenade launchers. On the train you beat all of the missions and use your laser watch to get out, then you run to the front of the train, get your grenade launchers out and shoot them up in the air. When you get done and see the part where they are shown running away from the train all of the grenade launchers bombs are hitting Bond and Natalya.

Shoot through the wall:
In Surface 2, you can shoot through one of the walls to kill enemies. The glitch is the forest wall between the cabins enclosed by a fence and the cabins down that road with the alarm and video camera. It is in the boundary line of trees. It is the part that comes to a point. If you walk up next to it, you can see the cabins enclosed by the chain fence and the shadows of the enemies when they walk by. You can shoot right through the boundary wall to kill the enemies.

Climb the vent in the Facility:
You need to be in Multi-Player mode. Get one player to get on the toilet right under the vent. Then the other player runs in and starts to wiggle left and right and always going forward into the other person. While you're doing that look up then down by pressing C up, C down. This is good for capture the flag.

Extra time on the Train:
On the Train, level 14, when you get to the end open the door and you will see Ourumov with a gun holding up Natalya. In the background you will see Xenia and Trevelyan. Side step to the left and quickly kill Xenia with the PP7, and as soon as you know that she is dead kill Ourumov. If done correctly you will get an extra 1:30 which allows you to have time to complete your Objectives in 00Agent.

To get into the vent with only one player, on multi-player or mission mode, get into a stall facing the door. Hold down the R button, C-Right, and left on the analog stick. You will begin to spin. After spinning, you will start "Hovering." When you are on the vent, let go of all the buttons, and push back on the analog stick and voila!

Slap Jaws:
Use your Haikibo kung fu slap on Jaws. He won't get off a shot!

How to Get the Golden Gun in Level 20:
This is possibly the hardest task in Goldeneye 007. And it's a spoiler, so if you don't want to read on and find out for yourself, then stop here!
Go straight to the tomb in which the Golden Gun is hidden. Open the door. Step in onto the first square and step two squares to the left (or all the way to the left). Go two squares up, then go three right. Then go two squares up, one left, one up, one left, then go two up and one right. You should be in front of the gun, and, believe it or not, uninjured.

On any tank level, you can use tank shells without being in the tank. First get in the tank, shoot one tank shell then push the action and the Z buttons at the same time. You will now get out of the tank with the shells. Make sure not to switch weapons.

Single Player - At the Dam, shoot the guards near the first tower but don't take their weapons. Switch to slapper and get the sniper rifle. Then press A three times quickly.

Multi-Player - Don't pick up any guns except a sniper rifle. Switch to slapper and then press A twice quickly.

Game Shark codes

For these to work, you need to have
at least one
of the 'Cheat Options' that is built into the game (so that the 'Cheat Options' Menu is available)

All Guns 80069653 0001 Bond Invisible 8006965a 0001 DK Mode 8006965c 0001 Enemy Rockets 8006966c 0001 Fast Animation 8006966a 0001 Infinite Ammo 8006965b 0001 Invincible 80069652 0001 Line Mode 80069657 0001 No Radar (Multi) 80069667 0001 Paint Ball Mode 8006965f 0001 Slow Animation 8006966b 0001 Tiny Bond 8006965e 0001 Turbo Mode 80069668 0001


Note: Only one of the deathmatch codes may be turned on at a time, and are not able to be used with any other code.

Many More Characters 8002b197 0040 Play Egyptian Level 8002b537 000b
w/4 Players Play Caverns Level 8002b537 000a w/4 Players Play Archives Level 8002b537 0009 w/4 Players Play Bunker Level 8002b537 0008 w/4 Players
Note: Turn OFF all other codes if you wish to use the ones below...
Extra Ammo 80030b28 0042 Bulletproof Bond 8002ce44 0030
80030b20 0030 Enemy Cannot Aim 8002ce40 0030 80030b1c 0030 Weak Enemies 8002ce48 0048 Enable All Levels 80036fb7 0001 All Objectives Done 80036fd3 0001 No Objects In Level 80036f7f 0000 Walk Thru Doors 800364cb 0000 Enable Agent Levels 80036fb3 0001 No Backgrounds 80036f7b 0000 Speed Display 80036f77 0001
WARNING! The following code is NOT authorized by Interact, so use at your own risk.
Secret Island on Dam Level
d0064f31 0030 800d33ed 0050 880d33ed 0000

This code allows you to get to the secret tower at the dam. Start the first mission. Go to the second tower on the dam, and walk down the ladder (left of the door). Go to the pier in front of you, and walk to the end of it. Push R and L together, and you should be in the water. Walk (you might have to sidestep), and eventually you will get to the island and the turret and tower...