Wilkins Online Photo Album

Do you have any photographs of your Wilkins or Wilkens ancestors taken before 1930 that you would like to share? Contact me and I will post them here. Please include names, dates, places and any biographical info you have for each photograph you submit. Please send each photo as a jpeg.
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Unknown Wilkins photos
from a Wilkins relative in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky

James Knox Polk Wilkins - 1862 Civil War Photo
Agnes Evans Wilkins (wife of JKP Wilkins) and daughters

Major General John Wilkins Jr. (1761-1816)

Ambrose Pasco Wilkins & brother Perry Wilkins

Samuel Franklin Wilkins (b.1802) & Descendants

Zachariah Alfred Wilkins & son James Decatur Wilkins

Ida Nida Sarah Tobiatha Wilkins
William Taylor Wilkins and Catherine Amanda Hough

William Allen Wilkins & Margaret Warden wedding photo 1870
Margaret Ellen Warden Wilkins (b.1847)
Sylvia Savanna Wilkins - dau. of William & Margaret Wilkins
Unknown relatives of William and Margaret Warden Wilkins

Wilson Turner Wilkins and Philiezilottia Wright
Wilson Turner Wilkins & Robert Thomas Vincent - 1865

Judge William Wilkins - 1779-1865

James Lewis Wilkins - 1845-1924

Robert Frederick Wilkins
Isobel Davidson Wilkins
Robert Laurence Wilkins - son of George & Isobel Wilkins
James Wilkins - son of George & Isobel Wilkins

Montague Harry Wilkins & Family

Joe Wilkins - born c.1876

Samuel Wilkins - 56th Alabama Infantry

Nancy Jane Wilkins Bell - b.abt.1837 d/o Richard Wilkins Jr. & Elizabeth Martin

Henry W. Wilkins - of Johnston Co. NC, son of Alfred & Edith Wilkins

Joseph J. Wilkins family photo - Carroll Co., Arkansas, 1909

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