Meowth's Party

Starring the voice talent of:
Megumi Hayashibara (林原めぐみ) as Jessie
Shinichiro Miki (三木眞一郎) as James
Inuko Inuyama (犬山犬子) as Meowth

Meowth's Party (ニャースのパーティ/Nyasu no Party) is a CD full of songs sung by Meowth! It was released on October 27, 1999 on a 3 inch (8cm) Mini CD and contains 5 tracks. It came with a small poster with lyrics to the songs printed on the back.

The CD also came packaged with a rare promo from the Pokemon Trading Card Game, the Japanese version of Team Rocket's Meowth (ロケット団のニャース).

The song Meowth's Party directly mentions the card and the move Daigyakuten (Miraculous Comeback on the American version of the card).

Track Listing

1. 『ニャースのパーティ』 うた: ニャ-ス (犬山犬子)
『Meowth's Party』Song: Meowth (Inuyama Inuko)
2. 『ニャースのうた2000』 うた: ニャ-ス (犬山犬子)
『Meowth's Song 2000』 Song: Meowth (Inuyama Inuko)
3. 『と★いってるニャ』 うた: ニャ-ス (犬山犬子)
『So They Say』Song: Meowth (Inuyama Inuko)
4. 『 ニャースのパーティ(オリジナルカラオケ)』
『Meowth's Party (Karaoke Version)』
There is also an unlisted hidden track at the end of the CD.

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