Last Update: 2/11/14

Banpresto is kicking off their We are Team Rocket campaign with a "New team member recruitment campaign". It is a (most likely Japan-only) sweepstakes with thirty people winning a giganticWobuffet plush.

Also a blog post on the Otona mo pokemon section of the Banpresto website has multiple photos of the plush Meowth balloon, saying that this is the first item they're introducing through the blog, and to look forward to more posts in the future!

Previously Updated: 01/10/14

We are back for the new year with some more new Bios!

Photos of TOMY's Chibi PokeHouse figures are up on our Merchandise page.

Previously Updated: 12/25/13

Previously Updated: 12/18/13

Information about several little-known Team Rocket members have been added to Bios. This is part of an ongoing (and much needed) effort to bring this section up to speed. Thank you for your patience so far.

Previously Updated: 12/13/13

We've added a ton of stuff to the Merchandise page! Learn more about the exclusive Target 10th Anniversary Figure, the TOMY Pokemon Strap, and TOMY's Mini Blister Collection.

Previous Update: 12/02/13

Information about the Team Rocket "Sound Drop Keychains" has been added to our Merchandise page.

Some information about the Team Rocket Secret Empire pilot episode CD, as well as a comment from producer Takurou Muratsubaki and track listings for each CD has been added to the Team Rocket Radio Show page.

Previous Update: 11/25/13

We've launched a Team Rocket World Wide Tumblr blog with fun images, gifs, videos, and other neat things that don't necessarily fit on the site itself. Please stop by and see us!

Previous Update: 11/24/13

Lyrics and a translation for the song To itte'ru nya/And They Say has been added to our lyrics page!

Previous Update: 11/12/13

New information, fun bonus materials, and updated lyrics have been added to our page dedicated to the single "Look Forward Team Rocket!".

Also, a page has been added to our music section about the Team Rocket single Polka O Dolka!

A Team Rocket lunch box has been added to our Merchandise section.

Previous Update: 11/07/13

Fujiya Character and Hobby Shop has posted the ads for Banpresto's upcoming "We Are Team Rocket" line of character goods! Click here for the full catalog, or the image above for the full-size Team Rocket ad!

Previous Update: 11/05/13

Some older toys by TOMY have been added to our Merchandise section.

Previous Update: 10/28/13

Learn about the Pokemon Chara Kids Team Rocket figures and the Pokemon Anime Kids Meowth in our Merchandise section.

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