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Romulan Number and Measurement System

Romulan Number and Measurement System

Rihannsu Numbers

The Romulans use a number system similar, yet different from its human counterparts. The below list should help the reader piece together Romulan versions of human numbers with a minimum of fuss, listing some Romulan numbers and their human translations. These are common to both Rom'lesta and Rihannsu.

The Rihannsu number system is based on the first ten numbers. Any number past ten is a combination of these numbers. Starting with the number twenty, the suffix "-hn" is added. For example, the number "til" (2) combined with the suffix "-hn" makes "til-hn", the Rihannsu number for twenty. The same process is used for hundreds, using the suffix "-ptil" (p concatenated with til, representing two zeros). Past the hundreds, the system is more complex. The apparent suffix this time represents the place value. Using this number system, there is a Rihannsu number for every standard English number.

Units of Measurement

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