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Romulan-English Dictonary


aefvadh - "Be welcome."
aehallh - monster ghost or nightmare.
Ael - "Winged" (proper name, fairly common on ch'Havran)
afw'ein - reason (as in the use of ones faculties).
a'hyan hnaai ll'anha - "(persons name), get an away team ready to go."
Aidoann - "Moon" (proper name, uncommon)
aihai - plains or plain country.
aihr - this is (someone) (ex. Aihr Enarrain tr'Tamak)
Areinnye - the Rihannsu Hell.
Areinnye'n-hnah! - "Go to Hell!"
Arrhae - Proper name, der. "arrhe" arrhe - worth-in-cash or value.
au'e - "Oh yes!"
au lagga'ju - "A flower for an angel."
auethn - advise me, answer a query.


ch'Havran - (planet) "of the Travelers" (The planet known as Remus).
ch'Havranha - native of ch'Havran.
ch'Havrannsu - pl. Havranha.
ch'Rihan - (planet) "of the Declared" (The planet known as Romulus).


Daise - chief, principal, senior, etc. (used as a prefix).
Daise'Enarrain - Fleet Captain.
Daise'Erein - Lieutenant junior grade.
Daise'Erei'Riov - Commander (First Officer rank).
Daise'Khre'Riov - Admiral.
daisemi'in - chief among several.
Daisemi'Maenek - Chief Medical Officer.
deihu - "elder"; a member of the Senate.
dev - ten (10).
dinglh - food center.
Diserhn'Maenek - Assistant Medical Officer.


Eisn - the sun of ch'Rihan and ch'Havran, The G9 star 128 Trianguli.
Eitreih'hveinn - the Farmer's Festival.
Enarrain - Captain.
Enarrain-a - pl. Enarrain.
eneh hwau' kllhwnia na imirrhlhhse - an obscenity.
Erei'Riov - Lieutenant Commander.
Erein - Ensign. (antecenturion/subcenturion)
Erein-a - pl. Erein.
etrehh - computer, machine.


fvai - house pet (Similar to the terran dog.)
fvaiin - pl. fvai.
fvillha - Rihannsu analogue to Terran "praetor."
fvillhaih - Praetorate.


galae - fleet.
Galae "Command" - Fleet Command.
gletten - thin soup.


haerh, haerht - cargo space, cargo hold.
hann'yyo - "Thank you."
haud - writing.
haudet' - computer printout.
Hellguard - 872 Trianguli V (a failed colony planet, uninhabited).
hfai, hfehan - bond-servant.
hfihar, hfihrnn - Houses (noble families, not dwellings).
hlai - large flightless bird used for its meat.
hlaiin - pl. hlai.
hlai'hwy - domesticated hlai.
hlaiin'hwy - pl. hlai'hwy.
hlaiin'vna - pl. hlai'vna.
hlai'vna - wild hlai.
hna a'thllen - "I want results now!"
hna'h - "Fire!", "Energize!", "Go!" (activation imperative)
hnafirh - see.
hnafirh'rau - "Let me see it."
hnafirh-d? - "Can you see?" (sarcastic)
hnafiv - hear.
hnafiv'rau - "Let me hear it."
hnafiv-d? - "Can you hear?" (sarcastic)
hnhaudr - data transfer.
hnoiyika, hnoiyikar - predator(s) (similar to the Terran weasel).
hrrau - at, on, in. (a general locative particle or infix)
hru'hfe - Head-of-Household (head servant).
hru'hfirh - Head-of-House (lord).
h'ta-fvau - "Come back here!"
hteij - transporter.
hteij'rhae - "Activate transporter", "Transporter activated."
hwaveyiir - bridge.
hwiiy - "You are (adjective or some thing)." ie. "Hwiiy veruul!" "You are a fool!"


i'au-d fiv? - "Do you know me?"
ie - yes.
iehyyak - disruptor bank (on starships).
io - one (1).


jolan tru - "Good Day/Night."


Kah'tan - Caitan.
Kah'tan-a - pl. Kha'tan.
kaleh - dagger.
ke'rhin - fellow Rihanha.
ke'rhin-a - fellow Rihannsu.
kheh - grain used to make Rihannsu Ale.
kheinsar - pl. kheinsa.
khellian - hunter.
khellian-a - pl. khellian.
khi - four (4).
khlenai - replicator.
khlenaiin - pl. khlenai.
khoi - switch off.
Khre'Riov - Vice Admiral.
kllhe - a worm that digests hlai dung. Also an insult.
Kll'inghann - Klingon.
Kll'inghann-a - pl. Kll'inghann.


lagga - Rihannsu flower.
laggar - pl. lagga.
lehe'jhme - a fruit that is used to make Rihannsu wine.
lhhei - "Madam."
lle - eight (8).
llhrei'sian - severe form of diarrhea.
llilla'hu - sufficient.
Lloann'mhrahel - The United Federation of Planets.
Lloann'na - Fed.
Lloann'nar - pl. Lloann'na.
Lloann'na'au-d fiv? - "Do you know that Fed?"
Lloannen'galae - Federation Fleet.


melakol - unit of measure for pressure.
mnek'nra, menkha - well, good, correct, satisfactory.
mnhei'sahe - the Ruling Passion (a concept which rules most of Rihannsu life in terms of honor).


neh - nine (9).
nei'rrh - small but deadly Rihannsu bird.
ne th'ann(-a) a'hriah - "Take the prisoner(s) to the brig."
neth...nah'lai - either...or.


oaii, oaii'n - everything.
oal'lhlih - "Announce the arrival of (someone)."
oira - battle-control or bridge.
oira'd'a - "I'm on (going to) the bridge."
onkian - unit of temperature (12 onkians is roughly equilivent to 35 F).
onkian-a - pl. onkian.


qiuu, qiuu'n - everything, everyone, all


re - two (2).
reh - seven (7).
rehei - nickname.
Rei'karanha - Imperial legionarre.
Rei'karansu - pl. Rei'karanha.
rekkhai - "Sir."
rha - "Indeed."
rhae - switch on.
rh'e - "Is that so."
rhi - five (5).
Rihanha - Romulan (singular).
Rihannsu - Romulan (plural).


siuren - minute or equal to 50.5 seconds.
siuren-a - pl. siruen.
sesketh - a Rihannsu confection.
sseikea - scavenger (similar to the Terran hyena.) Also an insult.
sseikear - pl. sseikea.
sthea'hwill - "I request (an action) be done at once."


ta krenn! - "Look here!"
Tal Shiar - Rihannsu Imperial Intelligence Service.
ta'khoi - "Screen off."
ta'rhae - "Screen on."
th'ann, th'ann-a - prisoner(s).
thi - three (3).
tho - six (6).
thrai - predator (similar to the Terran wolverine).
thraiin - pl. thrai.
tlhei - "my word."
t'liss - Rihannsu Bird of Prey, emblem of the Rihannsu Star Empire


Uhlan - junior rank in the Rihannsu Guard.


vah-udt - "What rank?", "Who are you (to be asking this)?"
veruul - an insult.
viinerine - a traditional dish (food).
vriha - highest, most superior.
Vriha'Erein - lieutenant.
Vorta Vor - Rihannsu Eden or Heaven.
vaed'rae - "Attention."


wagi - Rihannsu bush with many thorns.
wagiin - pl. wagi.


ya-ie'yakk - "Armed and ready to open fire."
yhfi-ss'ue - "travel tubes (the Romulan public transport system)
y'kllhe - "You worm!"


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