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Klingon Dictonary

'aDanjI: a type of incense (n) [From "Sons of Mogh" (DS9). Used in the Mouk-to-vor Ritual.]
Ak'la bella doo
'aqla' bela Du: a Klingon folk song (n)
Aler acht'jar
'aler 'achtIjar: a Klingon song (n) [From "Melora" (DS9).]
Aler acht'jar
aler acht'jar
t'lembda boool-gah toh-gal...
'aler 'ach tIjar
'aler 'ach tIjar
tIlembIDa bulgha toghal:
translation forthcoming [From "Melora" (DS9). The words to the song.]
Bagh Da tuH moh
ChojaH Duh rHo
yIja'Qo' yIja'Qo' yIja'Qo'
van'aj javDich
Qong DIr Sa'Vich
ghIh yot quelI'Pa
qevas HoH Qa
teblaw'nghu mughato'Du
yIja'Qo yIha'Qo yIja'Qo.
I'm not even going to try to make sense of this song's lyrics; suffice to say that it is a mass of syllables and words that mean nothing. Supposedly the lines from "Bagh Da..." to "...Duh rHo" mean "Firestreaks the heavens, battle has begun." [From "Birthright" (TNG). Bad job, Paramount!]
BaH: fire (torpedo, rocket, missile) (v) [From "Redemption" (TNG). A rough pronuniation would be "bakh." Canonized in The Klingon Dictionary.]
baqghol: a saki-like juice drink (n) [From "Blood Oath" (DS9). A loose translation, according to MSN's Klingon Compendium, may be "opponent's fire." It was pronounced "BACK-goal." Canonized in Klingon for the Galactic Traveller.]
B'aht Qul challenge
bat Qul qaD: a traditional Klingon game (n) [From "The Chase" (TNG). Described as head banging and arm-wrestling.]
Ba'jak tu'mo
ba'jaq tu'mo: translation forthcoming (phrase) [From "Firstborn" (TNG).]
baqtagh: an insult (n) [From "Redemption" (TNG). Larg was called a piece of baktag by Kurn.]
Ba'Itmasor Syndrome
ba'ItmaSor rop: a type of disease (n)
B'aski't Kor, B'aski't Kor, KoHman-a-ti, B'aski't Kor
baSqIt qor, baSqIt qor, QoHman'a'tI, baSqIt kor: translation forthcoming (song) [From "Blood Oath" (DS9).]
bat'telh (bat'leth)
betleH: a type of hand weapon (n) [From "Reunion," "Rightful Heir" (TNG), and "Blood Oath" (DS9). Canonized in The Klingon Dictionary Addendum. Normally, it is pronounced "BAT-leth" by the actors, but a more accurate (yet still rough) pronunciation would be "bet-LEKH."]
Battlda-Kow-loo-takh. DaH Hegh.
batlh Daqawlu'taH. DaH Hegh.: You will be remembered with honor. Now die. (phrases) [From "Blood Oath" (DS9), but lifted fom The Klingon Dictionary Useful Phrases. Pronounced "batl da-KOW-loo-takh."]
Bet'ala nog'tor
bet'ala noghtor: look at this (phrase) [From "Firstborn" (TNG). It's one thing to mix up word order, but to not use words that exist... this is a level of low I find unparalleled. Even a simple nej ooga-booga would be better than this!]
bIHnuch: coward (n) [From "Sins of the Father" (TNG). In TKD, coward is nuch. It is unclear where the bIH came from.]
boqrat: type of animal (n) [From "Soldiers of the Empire" (DS9). The liver is often stewed and served in bloodwine. Canonized in Klingon for the Galactic Traveller.]
Bok'ta ku'mo
boqta' qu'mo: over here (phrase) [From "Firstborn" (TNG). This appears to be a command of sorts, as in "come over here."]
Bosh to-KA achee!
boS toqa' 'achIy: translation forthcoming (phrase) [From "Soldiers of the Empire" (DS9).]
Bosh-ta-jah Veridian
boStaja verIDyan: set course for Veridian? (phrase) [From Star Trek: Generations. Soran said, "Set course for Veridian, maximum warp. Lursa ordered her crew with, "Bosh-ta-jah... Veridian."]
bIraqlul: redundancy in body parts (n) [From "Ethics" (TNG). Canonized in Klingon for the Galactic Traveller.]
brek'tal ritual
bIreqtal: a Klingon ritual (n) [From "House of Quark" (DS9). A ceremony in ehich the killer of the leader of a Klingon house marries the widow and thereby becomes the head of the house himself. Canonized in the Star Trek: Klingon Language Lab and Klingon for the Galactic Traveller. A rough pronunciation would be "bi-rek-TAL."]
bro tah mag plondare seplick
bIro taH magh pIlonDar'e' SeplIq: translation forthcoming (phrase) [From "The Icarus Factor" (TNG).]
cha': two (num) [From "The Chase" (TNG).]
cha'DIch: second (n) [From "Sins of the Father" (TNG). Refers to a ceremonial position similar to a defense attorney. Canonized in The Klingon Way.]
Cha Worf Toh'gah-nah lo Pre'tOk
cha wo'rIv toHgaHnaH lo pIre'toq: a rough translation of "For he's a jolly good fellow," referring to Worf (song) [From "Parallels" (TNG). Made difficult because there is no Klingon word for "jolly."]
chay'pen Aha'ba
chay'pen 'aHa'ba: what's going on? (phrase) [From "Blood Oath" (DS9).]
chechtlhutlh: type of liquor (n) [From "Up the Long Ladder" (TNG). Canonized in Klingon for the Galactic Traveller.]
jol yIchu': Activate the transport beam. (phrase) [From "House of Quark" (DS9). This was obviously a version of jol yIchu. Roughly, it is pronounced "jol yi-CHOO." Canonized in The Klingon Dictionary.]
cho'I'ghaq: translation forthcoming (excl) [From "Soldiers of the Empire" (DS9).]
DaH: now (adv) [From "Redemption" (TNG) and "House of Quark" (DS9). Originally a simple adverb, it can be used in the sense of "begin now,"according to MSN's Klingon Compendium. Pronounced "dakh." Canonized in The Klingon Dictionary.]
DaHjaj SuvwI''e' jiH
DaHjaj SuvwI''e' jIH: Today I am a warrior (phrase) [From "The Icarus Factor" (TNG). This is part of the Rite of Assension, and was cannonized in The Klingon Way. It would be pronounced "DAKH-jaj shoov-WI-e jikh."]
D'aktrak (K'akturak)
Daqterraq: ice man (n) [Koloth's nickname. In TKD, "ice" is chuch and "man" is loD. However, perhaps D'aktrak is a Trill word; we can't be sure given the context in which it is used. Dax only says that she called Koloth D'aktrak. The script's guide says that it is pronounced "dock-ter-ROCK."]
DarSeq: unit of currency (n) [From "Firstborn" (TNG). Canonized in Klignon for the Galactic Traveller.]
d'k tahg
Daqtagh: warrior's knife (n) [From... a lot of epsodes, but first used in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. Canonized in Star Trek: Klingon. Pronounced "dak-TAGH."]
d'kar tel G'denna
DIqar tel ghIDIna: I want to see the blood running through your veins (phrase) [From "Melora" (DS9).]
D'tel klop a bul
DItel tlhap 'a bul: this slop you call food is the problem (phrase) [From "Melora" (DS9).]
De-lak DOH!
Delaq Do': Take your stations (phrase) [From "Soldiers of the Empire" (DS9). An archaic phrase still used when a commander takes command, but never heard in any other context. Canonized in Klingon for the Galactic Traveller.]
Doj hon
Doj Hon: translation forthcoming (phrase) [From "Redemption" (TNG).]
Do-MACH ah chee ghos eh-PAGH?
Domach 'a chIy ghoS 'epagh: Can you be a victor of the heart as well as the sword? (phrase) [From "Looking For Par'Mach in All The Wrong Places" (DS9).]
Drak doo
Daq Du: an unspecified monetary amount (n) [From "Melora" (DS9). Pronounced "drahk-doo," a single coin covers it.]
Du'cha: on speakers (v) [Refers to an audio signal or message.]
Dug a bul, rah-tar
Dugh 'a bul, ratar: what's your problem, lady (phrase) [From "Melora" (DS9).]
'echa: translation forthcoming (?) [From "Sons of Mogh" (DS9).]
'e'ghaq: begin (v) [From "Rightful Heir" (TNG).]
veqlargh: Fek'lhr, devil (n) [From: "Devil's Due" (TNG). Canonized in The Klingon Dictionary Addendum. Pronounced "vek-LARGH."]
fe'l Kina sal B'aka
vel qIna Sal baqa: translation forthcoming (phrase) [From "The Mind's Eye" (TNG). baQa' is listed in The Klingon Dictionary Addendum as a general invective curse. This may be the last word in this phrase.]
vorSaq: translation forthcoming (n) [From "Looking For Par'Mach in All The Wrong Places" (DS9). Something capable of rotting with a distinctively bad odor. Perhaps feces? Pronounced "FOR-shak," according to the script.]
Gagh Tek or
ghagh teq 'or: what will you have (phrase) [From "Melora" (DS9).]
g'armond t'ris
ghI'armonID tI'rIS: translation forthcoming (phrase) [From "Heart of Glory" (TNG). Klingon Captain said this in reply to Worf's, "k'omgi bimogus."]
Ge'ko... kafa'la
ghe'qo... qava'la: it's true... how can this be (phrase) [From "Firstborn" (TNG).]
ghij get jaghmeyjaj
ghIj ghet jaghmeyjaj: May your enemies run in fear (phrase) [From "Sins of the father" (TNG). The Klingon Way explained this abberation of Klingon grammar as being proverbial in nature.]
ghIlaHIt: a type of food (n) [From "Melora" (DS9).]
glob fly
ghIlab ghew: a type of insect (n) [From: "" (TNG). Canonized in The Klingon Way and Klingon for the Galactic Traveller.]
Go'Eveh... lu cha wabeh... Mo ka re'Chos
gho'eveH... lu cha wabeH... mo qa re'choS: translation forthcoming (phrase) [From "House of Qark" (DS9). What the woman says during the Brek'tal ceremony.]
Go'Eveh... lu cha wabeh... To va re'Luk
gho'eveH... lu cha wabeH... to va re'luq: translation forthcoming (phrase) [From "House of Qark" (DS9). What the man says during the Brek'talceremony.]
ghojmoq: nurse, nanny, governess (n) [From "Sins of th Father" (TNG). Okrand apparently had this episode in mind when writing the Addendum for The Klingon Dictionary, for it's in there! Pronounced "ghoj-MOK."]
ghaptu': translation forthcoming (n) [From "Blood Oath" (DS9). In TKD, "hand" is ghop, but from the Omnipedia we have ghoptu as a synonym. According to MSN's Klingon Compendium, a ghoptu could be a toasting glass, but it is apparently some object used in a salute.]
GhoS (ghoS)
ghoS: make it so!, do it!, come (excl) [From "Redemption" and "Birthright" (TNG). Pronounced "ghosh."]
GhoS cha Ko
ghoS cha qo: bring him (phrase) [From "House of Quark" (DS9).]
Ghos ma'lu Kah
ghoS ma'lu qaH: translation forthcoming (phrase) [From "House of Quark" (DS9). What the witness says during the Brek'tal ceremony.]
ghIntaq: battle spear, advisor who is ade part of the family (n) [From "Birthright" and "Firstborn" (TNG). Don't ask me how a family advisor and a spear are related! Spear translation canonized in Star Trek: Klingon. According to MSN's Klingon Compendium, the battle spear has a wavy blade.]
gir'nak tovo'sor
ghIrnaq tovo'Sor: translation forthcoming (phrase) [From "Firstborn" (TNG).]
gik'tal (ghi'tal)
ghIqtal: to the death (v) [From "Lower Decks" (TNG). Refers to one-on-one combat. It is an archaic phrase still used as a sort of challenge; during a fight, if one yells gik'tal it means that they will fight to the death. Canonized in Klingon for the Galactic Traveller.]
tlhatlh: a type of vegetable (n) [From "Melora" (DS9). Pronounced "glahdst," or more accurately, "tlatl." Canonized in Klingon for the Galactic Traveller.]
ghe'tor: where spirits of the dishonored go (n) [From "" (TNG). Canonized in Klingon for the Galactic Traveller.]
G'now juk Hol pajhard
ghInaw' juq Hol pajHarID: Klingon Law of Heredity (n) [From "Redemption" (TNG). A son shall share in the crimes or honors of his father.]
Gurt'ank e'la
ghurIt'a'nIq 'e'la: translation forthcoming (phrase) [From "The Mind's Eye" (TNG). He said this into his communicator just prior to beaming down. Maybe yet another way to say, "Beam me up!"]
Ha'DIbah (ha'DIbah, Ha'DIbaH)
Ha'DIbaH: meat, animal (n) [From Star Trek III: The Search For Spock, "Sins of the Father," "Reunion" (TNG), and "Blood Oath" (DS9). Canonized in The Klingon Dictionary. Pronounced "KHA-di-bakh."]
haqtem: translation forthcoming (v) [From "Redemption" (TNG). Command given to Gowron following his installation as Chancellor.]
Hechu' ghos
He chu' ghoS: set course (phrase) [From "Unification" (TNG). A Clipped Klingon command. Pronounced "heh-KOO GOHSS," according to the script. A more accurate pronunciation would be "khe choo ghosh."]
Heghbat: ritual suicide (n) [From "Ethics" (TNG). Okrand canonized this in The Klingon Way.]
HIHivqa' may'pequ' moH
HIHIvqa' may' pequ' moH: The bile of the vanquished flows over my hands (phrase) [From "The Icarus Factor" (TNG). I see. Looks ore like "Attack me again! Cause to be fierce in battle!"]
Hol-chaj yI-jatlh
Holchaj yIjatlh: speak in their language (phrase) [From "A Matter of Honor." Good job, you actually got it right! Pronounced "KHOL-chaj yi-JATL."]
Ish-tovee chuCH thling nuq?
'IStovIy chuch tlhIng nuq?: Would you kill me too? (phrase) [From "Looking For Par'Mach in All The Wrong Places" (DS9). Probably from an ancient dialect, as part of an opera from the era of Kahless.]
'Iw biQtiqDaq jIjaH
'Iw bIQtIqDaq jIjaH: I travel the river of blood (phrase) [From "The Icarus Factor" (TNG).]
ja'chuq: succession ritual (ancient) (n) [From "Reunion" (TNG). Canonized in The Klingon Dictionary Addendum.]
jatlh: speak! (v) [From "Unification" (TNG). This is obviously a Clipped Klingon command. AAccording to the script's guide, it is pronounced "JAHT-leh." However, the word is really pronounced closer to "jatl."]
jatyIn: spiritual possession (n) [From "Power Play" (TNG). Literally, "the taking of the living by the dead."]
jaqe': sword (n) [From "Reunion" (TNG).]
jIbechrup may' vIloS
jIbechrup may' vIloS: The battle is mine. I crave only the blood of the enemy. (phrase) [From "The Icarus Factor" (TNG). I battle I wait him/her/it... hmm. Makes no sense to me!]
jIH dok
jIH Doq: my blood (phrase) [From "Reunion" (TNG). The first half of the Oath of Union.]
jIH DoQ batlh
jIH DoQ batlh: I claim the honor (phrase) [From "Reunion" (TNG). More wonderful sentance structure! Try batlh vIDoQ, if you assume DoQ means more than "claim (territory)!"]
jIqta': you have wounded me (phrase) [From "Firstborn" (TNG). Yeah... jik'ta. I always knew there was something wrong with chorIQmoH. Yes, that was sarcasm.]
Ji'ko to'val
jI'qo to'val: translation forthcoming (phrase) ["Firstborn" (TNG).]
jIlajneS: I accept (phrase) [From "Sins of the Father" (TNG). Literally, "I am honored to accept." Pronounced "ji-LAJ-nesh."]
jInaq: amulet given to daughter of mating age (n) [From "Birthright" (TNG).]
qatlho': I thank you (singular) (phrase) [From "The Mind's Eye" (TNG). tlho', thank, was found in The Klingon Dictionary Addendum.]
qajunpaQ: courage, audacity (n) [From "Blood Oath" (DS9). This is derived from a Kriosian word meaning "fiery lava" or "glowing lava." Canonized in Klingon for the Galactic Traveller.]
qa'la: translation forthcoming (excl) [From "Birthright" (TNG). Perhaps the equivalent of "bull's eye" or "on target."]
Qatlhma: a ritual hunt (n) [From "Birthright" (TNG).]
qelI'qam: kellicam (roughly equal to two kilometers) (n) [From Star Trek III: The Search for Spock and "Soldiers of the Empire" (DS9). Pronounced "KELL-uh-kam" on screen. "ke-LI-kam" is a closer pronunciation. Canonized in The Klingon Dictionary; distance from the Omnipedia.]
Ki-naH-naH, lo-maytoo
Ki-nah-nah, lo-maytaH
ko-no-ma... Ko-no-may...
qInaH naH, lomey'tu
qInaH naH, lomey'taH
qonoma... qonomey'...:
translation forthcoming (song) [From "Blood Oath" (DS9). Part of a song Kor sang to mourn the deaths of his comrades.]
Ki'rock Molor, ki'rock
qIraq molor, qIraq: translation forthcoming (phrase) [From "Firstborn" (TNG).]
qI'taw: stop (v) [From "Birthright" (TNG). Last time I checked, stop was mev. Oh well.]
tlhorIn: a unit of liquid measurement (n) [From "Blood Oath" (DS9). It was a klorn of ale.]
Koh'manara block, koh'bala pivot, pak'ara thrust
qo'manara block, qo'bala pivot, paq'ara thrust: various martial arts maneuvers (n) [From "Firstborn" (TNG). The Koh'manara is like the crane block.]
Koi keh less pook load...
Koi pook beh poo
Yoch bow math bow je... shuv weee...
Say moach chu may... ew...
Mah shoov... mah nong... ej ma choch chew
Nee beh yin mahj... ach wov... coo
Bath ma chech bejj... ej yo... keej... dahk
Vav poo ma dee muv... pa rech ma shoov tach
Koo ma mev ko ma shoov tach, ma ov...
Qoy qeylIS puloD: Kahless' son (sons) hear
Qoy puq'be'pu': Daughters hear
yoHbogh matlhbogh je' SuvwI': Warriors who are brave and loyal
Sey'moHchu' may' 'Iw: Battle's blood perfectly excites them
maSuv manong 'ej maHoHchu': We fight, we are passionate, and we perfectly kill
nI'be' yInmaj 'ach wovqu': Our lives are not long but they are very bright!
batlh maHeghbej 'ej yo qIjDaq: We will certainly die with honor, andd in the Black Fleet,
vavpu'ma' DImuvpa' reH maSuvtaH: Before we join our fathers, we continue to fight
Qu' DamevQo' maSuvtaH, ma'ov: We reufuse to stop the mission, we continue to fight, we compete.
[From "Soldiers of the Empire" (DS9). This song was first heard in the Star Trek: Klingon CD-ROM game, but was impossible to transcribe until heard on an episode with closed captioning. Canonzed in Klingon for the Galactic Traveller.]
qolIy'ey: student (n)
k'omgi bimogus
qa'omghI bImoghuS: translation forthcoming (phrase) [From "Heart of Glory" (TNG). Worf said this to a Klingon captain who responded, "g'armond t'ris."]
Kor'tova candles
qortova candles: ceremonial candles (n) [From "Firstborn" (TNG). Represent the fire in the warrior's heart, lit by age 13.]
Kosh tomah... ehpaq Lukara kaVeir
qoS toma... 'epaq luqara qaver: The day is not yet over, Lukara (phrase) [From "Looking For Par'Mach in All The Wrong Places" (DS9). This is probably from an archaic dialect, as it is part of an opera taking place a thousand years ago.]
qo'tal: translation forthcoming (n) [From "Firstborn" (TNG). A derogatory word.]
Qo'noS: Kronos, Klingon Homeworld (n) [From "House of Quark" (DS9). Actors usually say "KRO-nos," but the name of the planet is really something like "KKHO-nosh."]
qapeQ: an epithet (n) [From "Blood Oath" (DS9). A cursing epithet, pronounced "kuh-PECKED.]
qutluch: ceremonial weapon of assassin (n) [From "Sins of the Father" (TNG). It has a serrated blade capable of causing serious wounds, according to MSN's Klingon Compendium.]
qIy'amo: attractive, be attractive (v) [From "Blood Oath" (DS9).]
la woq yon ghir klas gimha
la woq yon ghIr tlhaS ghImHa: translation forthcoming (phrase) [From "Redemption" (TNG)
laqtel: boyfriend (n)
lenmat: recess (judicial) (n) [From "Sins of the Father" and "Redemption" (TNG). Actually, the word len was defined as "recess, break" in The Klingon Dictionary Addendum, and I have no idea where the mat came from.]
lIngta': a type of animal (n) [From "Looking For Par'Mach in All The Wrong Places" (DS9). Canonized in Klingon for the Galactic Traveller.]
lo'Be Vos
lo'be voS: a thing without courage (n) [From "Aquiel" (TNG).]
lujpu' jiHe Alexandrijn
lujpu' jIH'e' AlexanderIjIn: I have failed, Alexander (phrase) [From "Night Terrors" (TNG). Reasonably good, though they left off the jI- prefix on luj. However, this may be a ceremonial remark, so who knows what sort of abberrant grammar might show up? Also, I cannot decipher the -ijn suffix on Alexander's name.]
maqcha: engage (warp engines) (v) [From "Soldiers of the Empire" (DS9). I wonder why they didn't just have Martok say pIvghor yIchu'...]
maj dok
maj Doq: good blood (phrase) [From "Reunion" (TNG). The second half of the Oath of Union.]
majQa': well done (excl) [From "Blood Oath" (DS9). majQa' is right, Paramount! According to the scripts, this exclamation is pronounced "mazh-KWAH." This is very inaccurate, the real word being closer to "maj-KKHA."]
maqDar: an epithet (n) [From "Blood Oath," "House of Quark" (DS9). Something pathetic.]
maqtagh: a klingon month or season (n) [From "New Ground" (TNG). At least 43 days long.]
maveq: ritual dagger (n) ["From Sons of Mogh" (DS9). Used to kill your family member in the Mouk-to-vor Ritual.]
maw'toq: translation forthcoming (excl) [From "The Chase" (TNG). Said in amazement when Data wins the B'aht Qul challenge. An expression of surprise.]
meH HoD: Bridge to Captain (phrase) [From "Unification" (TNG). A communication command, pronounced "meh-HODE," at least according to the script. More accurately; "mekh khod."]
MeHmaH ghoS
meH maghoS: Bridge, we aproach (a heading) (phrase) [From "Unification" (TNG). Pronounced "mekh ma-GHOSH" in real Klingon. From the script, we find that it is pronounced "meh-mah GOHSS" to the layman.]
meqba': legal proceeding, type of (n) [From "Sins of the Father" (TNG).]
Meklo boH ka Mech
meqlo boH qa mech: I smell the burning of your blood (phrase) [From "Looking For Par'Mach in All The Wrong Places" (DS9). Most likely in an archaic dialect, from the time of Kahless.]
mev'yap (mev yap)
mevyap: stop, cease (excl) [From "Sins of the Father," "Reunion" (TNG), "House of Quark," and "Looking For Par'Mach in All The Wrong Places" (DS9). mev means "stop, cease," and yap means "be enough, sufficient." The two together form an idiomatic construction meaning both at the same time. Canonized in Klingon for the Galactic Traveller.]
moq: beat (v) [From "Looking For Par'Mach in All The Wrong Places" (DS9). This word is used in reference to a duel. Although it means "beat," as in "beat a drum," moq is used to signal the beginning of a duel by a third party. Canonized in Klingon for the Galactic Traveller.]
moQbara: a Klingon martial art (n) [From "Birthright" (TNG). The script's translation said tai chi, but Okrand canonized this in The Klingon Way, saying it was a Klingon martial art.]
maqQa': translation forthcoming (excl) [From "Soldiers of the Empire" (DS9). Perhaps a corrupted majQa'?]
muqtovor: ritual murder (n) [From "Sons of Mogh" (DS9). Used to allow a dishonored warrior an honorable death. One member of the family kills the other. In the situation used, it seemed to only apply when the dishonor was brought by someone else's actions, not by the warrior himself.]
MoVas ah-kee rustak
mova' 'aqI' ruStaq: Today was a good day to die (phrase) [From "Looking For Par'Mach in All The Wrong Places" (DS9). This is a archaic phrase, commonly used as a sort of mating ritual, dating from the era of Kahless. It means nothing in Modern Klingon. Canonized in Klingon for the Galactic Traveller.]
moveq: translation forthcoming [From "Sons of Mogh" (DS9).]
naDev ghoS
naDev ghoS: come here (phrase) [From "Redemption" (TNG).]
N'Gos tlhogh cha
ngoS tlhogh cha: our mariage is done (phrase) [From "House of Quark" (DS9). The Klingon version of divorce. She backhands him, says this, and spits.]
nIbpoH: deja vu (n) [From "Cause and Effect" (TNG). Canonized in Klingon for the Galactic Traveller.]
Ni'lot Kahless
nI'lot qeylIS: translation fothcoming (phrase) [From "Firstborn" (TNG).]
Ni'tokor bak'to
nI'toqor baqto': a battle cry (excl) [From "Firstborn" (TNG). The exact translation is unknown.]
Nok'tar be'got hosh'ar te'not
noqtar be'ghot HoS'ar te'not: Will anyone else have the courage to stand up to Molor (phrase) [From "Firstborn" (TNG).]
Nok'til Kahless. Molor gik'tal
noqtIl qeylIS molor ghIqtal: translation forthcoming (phrase) [From "Firstborn" (TNG).]
nuqneH: What do you want (greeting) (excl) [From "Up the Long Ladder" (TNG). At least they got that one right!]
ngengo'ren: stealth or sneak attack (n) [From "Blood Oath" (DS9). Pronounced "nyeng-OH-ren."]
'o'mat ghItIm pIvyotlh: translation forthcoming (phrase) [From "Heart of Glory" (TNG). This may be a long way of saying "give me ale." It was spoken to a replicator and ale appeared, so exactly what was said is unclear.]
O'tak tu'ro
'o'taq tu'ro: translation forthcoming (?) [From "Firstborn" (TNG).]
paH: an expletive (excl) [From "Legacy" (TNG).]
Pak't pol!
paqIt pol: If you don't like it, don't eat it! (phrase) [From "Melora" (DS9).]
parmaq: love, romance (n) [From "Looking For Par'Mach in All The Wrong Places" (DS9). Officially canonized by Marc Okrand as parmaq via a question posed through Star Trek Continuum. Pronounced "PAR-mock." The word was later defined in Klingon for the Galactic Traveller.]
parmaqqay: romantic companion (n) [From "Let He Who is Without Sin" and "Soldiers of the Empire" (DS9). Dax is considered to be Worf's parmachay. Pronounced "PAR-mock-kai." Canonized in Klingon for the Galactic Traveller.]
p'tahk (pathk, patahk, pah-tak, pahtak)
petaQ: an epithet (n) [From "The Defector", "Sins of the Father," "The Chase" (TNG), and "House of Quark" (DS9). Canonized in The Klingon Dictionary Addendum.]
P'kar Durg Le Frakn'l?
pIqar Durgh le vIraknIl: You call this live? (phrase) [From "Melora" (DS9).]
po'taj: well done (excl) [From "Firstborn" (TNG). What about majQa'?]
pa'QIS: Praxis, a Klingon moon (n) [From Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.]
Qab jIH nagil
Qab jIH naghIl: Face me if you dare (phrase) [From "Reunion" (TNG). The translation should be "I can't speak Klingon, so I threw toghether words to mean absolutely nothing." Besides the obvious word order problems, Qab refers to the body part, not to the act of looking at someone! My pet excuse: The ancient Klingons believed that turning one's face towards an enemy was a challenge, and so they would say "Dare to turn your face towards me!" Over time, the saying has evolved into the grammatically incorrect Qab jIH nagIl, "face me dare." MSN's Klingon Compendium says that it is part of the Sonchi ceremony.]
Q'ac ken ta'vak
Qaq qen ta'vaq: translation forthcoming (phrase) [From "The Mind's Eye" (TNG). Command before beaming down.]
Qaja plu d'itch jung
qaja' pIlu DItlh jung: translation forthcoming (phrase) [From "Redemption" (TNG). Picard said this when the Council asked if he'd made his decision regarding Sucession. This seems to make no sense, but the first part may be qaja', meaning "I tell you."]
qaleghneS: I am honored to see you (phrase) [From "Up the Long Ladder" (TNG).]
Qapla' (Qapla, K'pla, Khhap-LA, kah'plakt, Q'apla, Q'Apla)
Qapla': success (n) [From Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, "Sins of the Father," "The Mind's Eye," "Redemption," "Firstborn" (TNG), "Blood Oath", "House of Quark," and "Soldiers of the Empire" (DS9). Used as a salute in greeting and farewell. According to the scripts, Qapla' is pronounced "k-PLAH." However, the first letter should be much more harsh, and the syllable boundary is different, giving us a pronunciation closer to "kkhap-LA."]
qa'vaQ: a traditional game (n) [From "Birthright" (TNG). Canonized in Klingon for the Galactic Traveller.]
qIvon: body part (not further identified) (n) [From "Blood Oath" (DS9). The Omnipedia gives QiVon's definition as "knee." In The Klingon Dictionary, "knee" is qIv. In The Klingon Way, on MSN's Klingon Compendium, and in Klingon for the Galactic Traveller, a qIvon is an unidentified paired body part. I was hoping qIvon might mean elbow...]
QI'tu': Paradise (n) [From Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. Canonized in The Klingon Dictionary Addendum.]
Qu'vath guy'cha b'aka
Qu'vatlh ghay'cha' baQa': varoius curses (excl) [From "The Mind's Eye" (TNG). Picard sure can sling them foul words, eh?]
raHta': a type of food (n) [From "Melora" (DS9). Pronounced "rahkt."]
ra'tajIno: a Klingon coffee (n) [Fom "Dax" (DS9). Made from ra'taj "coffee with liquor" and a thick cream, served either iced or warm. ra'taj established in Klingon for the Galactic Traveller.]
roy'aro': translation forthcoming (excl) [From "Heart of Glory" (TNG). Sort of like the "Yes!" of 80s pop culture on Earth?]
ropngor: measles (n) [From "Up the Long Ladder" (TNG). Actually, the Klingon equivalent of measles. Note that rop is "disease."]
Ros-te-ka cha'Domak ootha Trill?
roSteqa chaDo'maq 'utlha DIl: Did you think her spots were going to bite you? (phrase) [From "Soldiers of the Empire" (DS9). Apparently a loose translation, since Trill isn't in it! HolQeD Vol. 6 #2 jokingly speculates that "Trill" might be a metaphor for spots in this sense. cha'Domak is pronounced "cha-DO-mock."]
ruStay: bonding ritual (n) From "The Bonding" (TNG). A ceremony in which two unrelated men or women become brothers or sisters.]
SIy'loH: sexual intercourse (n) [From "Sins of the Father" (TNG).]
Separ: a type of gemstone (n) [From "Looking For Par'Mach in All The Wrong Places" (DS9). Noted for being both hard and sharp. Pronounced "suh-PAR" in the episode. Canonized in Klingon for the Galactic Traveller.]
SoHchIm: surrogate mother (n) [From "Parallels" (TNG). According to the Omnipedia, this refers to any surrogate parent.]
SonchIy: death ritual (for a leader) (n) [From "Reunion" (TNG). A ceremony performed to verify the leader's death. Canonized in The Klingon Dictionary Addendum.]
SoS jIH batlh SoH
SoS jIH batlh SoH: Mother, I honor you (phrase) [From "The Bonding" (TNG). This is a perfect example of how Paramount butchers the language. I really don't mind if they make up a word here or there, but this sentance is a travesty. The closest I could come up with would be, "SoS, qaquv."]
So'wI' chu': Engage cloaking device (phrase) [From "Unification" (TNG). Pronounced "sawl-KOO" or more properly, "soh-wee-CHU," according to MSN's Klingon Compendium. The closest accurate pronunciation would be SHO-wi choo."]
SIto'vo'qor: life beyond this life (n) [From "Rightful Heir" (TNG).]
SuH: ready, standing by (excl) [From "Redemption" (TNG). Pronounced "shookh."]
taHqeq: an epithet (n) [From "The Mind's Eye" (TNG). Canonized in The Klingon Dictionary Addendum.]
tam: quiet, be quiet (v) [From "Sins of the Father" (TNG). A real word, its in The Klingon Dictionary.]
taSqota: translation forthcoming (?) [From "The Chase" (TNG). The quote is, "We die together, brother. Tash-koh-tah."]
Te-doQ roos ka... Mech-TOH
teDoQ ruS qa... mech-toH: The fire is your doing (phrase) [From "Looking For Par'Mach in All The Wrong Places" (DS9). Probably in the dialect prevealent during Kahless' life, about one thousand years ago.]
Tez mrot weilz konpadam
teS mIrot way'lIS qonpaDam: One is always of his tribe (phrase) [From "The Icarus Factor" (TNG). Uhhh... if you say so! The Klingon Way gives this saying as reH tay' ghot toqDuj je.]
tIghla': a type of animal (n) [From "Invasive Procedures" (DS9). Possibly foolish and spineless; pronounced "TIGG-lah" in the episode. Canonized in Klingon for the Galactic Traveller.]
tigwij Sa'angNIS
tIqwIj Sa'angnIS: I must show you my heart (phrase) [From "The Icarus Factor" (TNG).]
Tika cat
tI'qa' vIghro': a type of animal (n) [From "Faces" (DS9).Usually meek and nervous. Canonized in Klingon for the Galactic Traveller.]
tlhIroghnI': a night blooming flower (n) [From "Angel One" (TNG).]
tlhIH ghIj jIHyoj
tlhIH ghIj jIHyoj: I fear your judgement (phrase) [From "Sins of the Father" (TNG). Literally, "I-judgement scare you (plural). Interesting.]
tlhIngan jIH
tlhIngan jIH: I am Klingon (phrase) [From "Up the Long Ladder" (TNG). Wow, it's... right!]
toppa': a type of animal (n) [From "The Chase" (TNG). A topah is characterized as being incompetant. Canonized in Klingon for the Galactic Traveller.]
toDSaH: an epithet (n) [From "The Defector" (TNG). Jarok calls Worf a "Klingon tohzah." Canonized in The Klingon Dictionary Addendum.]
tu'HomI'raH: something useless (n) [From "Blood Oath" (DS9). Officially canonized in HolQeD Vol. 5 #1 and Star Trek: Klingon.]
torva luk do shell
torva luq do Sel: translation forthcoming (phrase) [From "Rightful Heir" (TNG).]
tova'Daq: mind sharing (n) [From "Soldiers of the Empire" (DS9). It is a moment of clarity between two warriors on the battlefield. Much is said without the need for words. According to the script, tova'dok is pronounced "TO-vah-DOCK." Canonized in Klingon for the Galactic Traveller.]
Tu Mak Dagh Cha doh Borak
tu maq Dagh cha doH boraq: which nobody can deny (phrase) [From "Parallels" (TNG). The end to "For he's a jolly good fellow."]
vang ghaH
vang ghaH: take him (phrase) [From "Birthright" (TNG). Bad syntax, no prefixes... the usual!]
vorcha Do' baH: all hail (phrase) [From "Rightful Heir" (TNG). I wonder if vorcha here is anything related to the Vorcha-class Attack Cruiser in use by the Defense Force?]
wa': one (num) [From "The Chase" (TNG).]
wej: three (num) [From "The Chase" (TNG).]
wIj jup
wIj jup: my very good friend (phrase) [From "Blood Oath" (DS9). A common upper-class slang method of greeting and endearment, meaning literally "Friend mine." Canonized in Klingon for the Galactic Traveller.]
ya'nora kor
ya'nora qor: translation forthcoming (phrase) [From "Firstborn" (TNG).]
Yej rhin
yej rIn: council is adjourned (phrase) [From "House of Quark" (DS9). yej is "council," and rIn is "be accomplished, finished." The ususal no-prefix/wrong-word-order routine here, guys!]
yI-Har-Qo! nep-we'ghaH!
yIHarQo'! nepwI' ghaH!: Do not believe him! He is a liar! (phrase) [From "A Matter of Honor" (TNG). Good job with this one, Paramount.]
yIntagh: an epithet (n) [From "Redemption" (TNG). Canonized in The Klingon Dictionary Addendum.]
zark (sark)
Sargh: Klingon horse (n) [From "Pen Pals" (TNG). Canonized in Klingon for the Galactic Traveller.]
zim'kagh (zilm'kach)
tlhImqaH: type of food (n) [From "Melora" (DS9). Canonized in Klingon for the Galactic Traveller.]