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Gen. Klingon Info





Traditionell Klingon sword . Translated into Federation Standart it means sword of honor.

Kahless the Unforgetable used the first batlhyetlh to kill the evil tyrant Molor.




Klingon term for the characteristic redundancies in Klingon physiology. A Klingon posesses two livers, eight heart chambers and 23 ribs. This gives the Klingon warrior enormous resistancy in battle.



Ritual threebladed Klingon dagger. It is used in many Klingon ceremonies.




Former member of the Klingon High Council.

He concealed evidence that his father, ja'roD, provided the Romulans with secret Klingon access codes, wich later led to the Romulan attack on Khitomer, known as the Khitomer massacre. Instead he fabricated false evidence so that it looked like mogh, father to Worf, was the traitor. He forced the High Council to rule against the house of mogh, even though Council leader K'mpec knew of the false evidence.

Later, after the K'mpec's death, he sought to suceed him as leader of the High Council. He saw his only chance in using a bomb to kill his compeditor Gowron, but he proved to be unsuccessful. He was also suspected to have killed K'mpec by poisoning him, although rumors also said Gowron might have been responsible for his death.

Duras later killed K'Ehleyr, Worf's mate, when she was close to revealing his treachery on the Khitomer massacre. He was subsequently killed by Worf, who sought his right of vengeance.


Fek'lhr - see veqlargh


First City

City located on Qo'noS.

This is where the Great Hall, the seat of the Klingon High Council is located.



Mythical place were all those go, who died without honor.

gre'tlhor is guarded by the veqlargh.


Great Hall

Seat of the Klingon High Council, the government of the Klingon Empire. It is located in the First City, on Qo'noS, the Klingon homeworld.



Klingon suicide ritual.

A warrior considers Hegh'bat when he has been wounded and disabled, so making him unable to face his enemies. The ceremony calls for the wounded's eldest son or closest friend to deliver him a dagger, which he would stab into his chest. The other would then remove the weapon and wipe it on his sleeve.



Father to Duras.

He betrayed the Klingon Empire by providing the Romulans with secret Klingon access codes, which later led to the Khitomer massacre. ja'roD himself was killed during the Romulan attack.


Kahless the Unforgetable

He was the greatest warrior in Klingon history .

It was him who united the Klingon Empire some 1,500 years ago . That was the time when the tyrant Molor ruled the Empire . When Kahless decided to kill him he went up to the QrIyStaq vulcano and dropped a lock of his hair into the lava and then plunged the burning lock into the lake of Lursor . Out of the lock he formed a blade which he called batlhyetlh, or sword of honor . He used this blade to kill the evil Molor honorful.

But then his brother moratlh came and told an evil lie, so that it looked like Kahless brought shame over his family. So Kahless wanted revenge and they fought twelve days and twelve nights until Moratlh was dead.

Kahless lived a long and honorful live . But when he found it was time he went to Stoyvoyqor, he pointed with his finger on a star and said to the people that he shall return on that point of light .




M-class Planet near the Klingon / Romulan border.

Khitomer was the location of the famous peace conference between the Klingon Empire and the United Federation of Planets after the Praxis incident. A Klingon outpost was later estblished there. It was the target of a Romulan attack in which some 4000 Klingons were killed. This attack was later known as the Khitomer massacre.


Khitomer massacre

Brutal Romulan attack on the Klingon outpost Khitomer, in which nearly all inhabitants were killed. It later came out that ja'roD, member of the Klingon High Council provided the Romulans with secret Klingon access codes and so causing the massacre.


Klingon High Council

Goverment of the Klingon Empire.

It consistes of two dozen members. The High Council leader is at the same time political and cultural leader of all the Empire.

The High Council is located in the Great Hall, in the First City of Qo'noS.


Klingon Homeworld - see Qo'noS




Former leader of the Klingon High Council.

He led the High Council longer than anybody else in Klingon history. His greatest political challenge was when it came out that Council member Duras' father, ja'roD , provided Romulans with secret Klingon access codes and so causing the Khitomer massacre. He found that if this came to public, it might plunge the Empire into civil war. So he tacitly agreed that mogh, father to Worf, would be accused of this treason. He did not however expect mogh's sons Worf and Kurn to return to the Klingon Homeworld wanting to reastablish their family's honor. Realizing the danger of the moment, Worf accepted discommendation, the Klingon ritual shaming.

K'mpec was later assumed to have been murdered by Duras, who sought to suceed him as High Council leader.



Father to Worf and Kurn.

mogh and his wife were killed during the Romulan attack on the Klingon outpost Khitomer. He was later accused of having delivered secret Klingon access codes to the Romulans and so having caused the Khitomer massacre. It later came out that it had been ja'roD, political rival to mogh, who delivered those codes to the Romulans and that his son, Duras, had falsified evidence, so accusing the house of mogh of treason.



Evil tyrant who ruled the Klingon Empire some 1,500 years ago.

He was killed by Kahless the Unforgetable with the first batlhyetlh .




Brother to Kahless the Unforgetable. Kahless killed him in a fight which lasted twelve days and twelve nights. Moratlh had lied and brought shame over the family.




Moon of the Klingon homeworld , QoynoS, which exploaded in 2293.

Praxis was once a major energy production facility for QoynoS. It exploaded due to heavy mining. The explosion shattered half the moon and took it out of its standard orbit. It seemed sure that it would fall down on QoynoS killing millions of Klingons. But about 1000 Imperial Marines had bravely maintained their posts despite the detonation. Faced with the inevitable prospect of death, the garrisonys commander offered his men the greatest honor for a Klingon, to die saving the Empire. Stored in the garrisons armory was a stockpile of antimatter bombs, enough to blow up what was left of the moon. So, the brave Marines detonated the stockpile, killing a thousand, but saving more than a million lives.

In honor to these brave men, the legion of QoynoSy greatest warriors is named after them the Praxis Legion.




Native name for the Klingon Homeworld, an M-class Planet in the Alpha-Quadrant.



Mythical place where honorable warriors go after they have died.

The great warrior Kahless the Unforgettable said before his death that he awaited all the honorable ones in Sto'vo'qor.



Mystical Klingon beast, guardian of the gre'tlhor.