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Updated June 14, 2001

This page was last updated June 14, 2001

To the person taking information off the pages: Hey I do the reasearch for my links, do your own-please! Don't be a loser weenie!1997-2001.The information on these pages cannot be copied without the expressed permission of the owner of this page. Just ask before you use. Thanks!!Joyce

All groups are USA based unless noted

Jousting Links

Performance Troupes

American Jousting Alliance

Black Forest Shires

Dragonworks Joust Page

The Freelancers:

The Free-Lancers (Sweden)

The Guild

Hanlon-Lees Action Theatre:

International Jousting Knights Association

Kingdom of Acre A re-enactment group with their own jousting company

Knights of Avalon Jousting Page (Belgium)

Knights of Pendragon-

Knights of St. Anthony

Knights of St Denys

Knights of St. George (Belgium)

Knights of Valour-Canada

Medieval Horse Guild

Lance A Lot also provides horse rentals

New Edge Adventure Theatre

New Riders of the Golden Age

Noble Cause Productions

The Order of Blak Pryns-Australia

The Order of the Boar-New Zealand

Pierrot Productions

World Championship Jousting Association