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Who is this chick and why should I care?

Name: Joyce



Why I made this page: I made this page so I could inform the masses that the sport of jousting is alive and well today. Ultimately, I would like to see more and more people get interested in the sport and be inspired to learn it.

Hobbies:Aside from this one; I enjoy reading, horseback riding, belly dancing, paintball, Bharat Natyam (Indian Classical Dance)and travelling.

What I have in my CD player:The Police-"Message in a Box" (box set) This Mortal Coil-"Filigree", Moby-"Play", Lilith Fair-"Volume 1".

Animals in my life: Arielle's Quest (a QH+Paint mare), Maya (her daughter) and Bagel (a bitch feline)

New things:I recently performed at the Atlanta Symphony Hall for Bharat Natyam. It was a great honor to perform the item that my fantastic guru, Didi Auntie, has choreographer. I also left my bellydance teacher to concentrate on other projects. I am also going to massage school and hope to graduate in December. Whew! I get tired just writing about it!! :)

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