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(Sorority of Thomasian Doctors)

The Pioneer Sorority


University of Santo Tomas

1157 Maria Cristina St., Sampaloc, Manila

"Sigma Tau Delta was born out of the collective efforts and visions of our founding elders and did not originate from any other organization in existence at that time. With this knowledge, each and every Sigman is proud of the fact that we belong not only to the Pioneer Medical Sorority but also to the independent creation of our founding elders."

Now on its 35th year, with more than 650 members, we carry on the tradition of Academic Excellence, Leadership, Service, Integrity and Sisterhood as reflected by its flourishing activities such as: Medical-Surgical Missions, Outreach programs, Sportsfests, First Friday Masses, Usherings, Sigman Reunions, Fund Raising Projects like movie premieres and caroling, the Annual Induction Ball and many more. We have also reaped various recognition from different organizations in and out of the University. The vision of our founding members, to develop well-rounded Thomasian Doctors, comes alive as Sigmans continue to abide with the ideals of the sorority. The dominant character of the Sigman - trustworthy, assertive and valiant, coupled with the backbone of every Thomasian physician - faith in God and commitment to mankind - truly stands out among the rest.

Looking back, it can be said that the Sigma Tau Delta Sorority has truly gone a long, long way. From a few struggling medical students who were courageous enough to break the monotony of medical school life by establishing the Pioneer Sorority, emerged Sigmans who dare to change the world, armed with the values that have been passed on from one generation to another. We are indeed thankful for the strength and solid foundation established by the founders of the Pioneer sorority. Despite all the challenges we have met in facing up to our changing times, all Sigmans remain steadfast and unified, living with the ideals of Sigma Tau Delta. That is why Sigma tau Delta is not only the Pioneer Sorority of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery; but, it is and will forever remain to be the SUPREME SORORITY which others try to follow but can never equal.

In essence, we believe that the practice of medicine is made more meaningful if it is coupled with a deeper sense of belonging and sisterhood from which our commitment to service emanates. All these bring fulfillment to us, Sigmans; for when one's commitment is for others... when one's work comforts and heals, one finds meaning in life; and, with meaning comes the only happiness worth cherishing.



Bound by the Spirit of Sisterhood,

We stand together and remain hand in hand

As we pledge our loyalty to the Sigma Tau Delta Sorority.

We pledge our minds that we may forever think like a Sigman,

We pledge ou hearts that we may forever feel like a Sigman,

We pledge our hands that we may forever act like a Sigman,

And we pledge ourselves that we may forever be proud we are Sigmans.



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