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COMFIES: Cloth Menstrual Pads

You'll love cloth for Mommy for the same reasons you love it for your baby: 1) It's economical 2) It's earth-friendly and best of all 3) It's SSOOO comfortable! I offer 2 types of cloth pads. The first is for daytime use: Each pad package consists of a flannel 'holder' with wings and a plastic snap and 2 triple layer flannel inserts. The second pad set is for night time use and features a longer pad with tapered wings for more coverage. Besides the holder, each set includes 2 triple layer flannel inserts and 1 waterproof insert. Please see the photos for sizes and pricing information. I know you'll love Comfies as much as I do!

Day time Comfies

Dimensions: 10" by just barely 4", not counting the wings. Pricing: $4.75/each set or $50.00/doz sets

Night time Comfies

Dimensions: 13" by 8" (counting wings) Pricing: $5.75/per set or $60.00/doz sets **Please note** Waterproof pad not pictured, but is included in this set.