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Art's TOP 10 Freeware and Shareware Sites!!

Psssst. It's True!

They're ALL Here!!

Top TEN Freeware Sites

1. Freeware
2. Internet Freeware
3. Freeware Plus
4. Freeware Home
5. Completely Free Software
7. Freeware Web
10. GALT

Art's TOP 10 Shareware Sites

3. ZDNet Software Library
4. CWSApps
7. The JUMBO!
8. Filez
9. File Mine

Ok, if you have to have MORE, here they are:

Albert's Ambry ( Win3.x, Win95, WinNT, MS-Dos, Mac, OS/2, Amiga )

Amiga Web Directory ( Amiga )

****Black Stump Shareware Archive ( Win3.x, Win95, Mac )

Bonanza's Screen Savers ( Win3.x, Win95, Mac )

CD Archive Inc ( Win3.x, Win95, MS-Dos, OS/2 )

Children's Shareware and More ( Win3.x, Win95, Mac ) Top 20 Shareware Gallery ( Win3.x, Win95 )

Consumate Winsock Apps List ( Winsock, Win3.x, Win95 )

Dan's World of Windows95 ( Win95 )

Essential Shareware Pages ( Win95 )

File Mine ( Win3.x, Win95, WinNT, MS-Dos, Mac, Unix, OS/2, Amiga, Atari )

Filez ( Win3.x, Win95, WinNT, MS-Dos, Mac, Unix, Amiga, Atari )

Frank's World O` Windows ( Win95, WinNT )

Galt Shareware ( Win3.x, Win95 )

GARBO Anonymous FTP site ( Win3.x, Mac, MS-Dos, Unix )

IBM and Lotus Software Download Library ( Win3.x, Win95, WinNT, MS-Dos, OS/2 )

JLC Archive ( Win3.x, Win95, MS-Dos, Mac )

JUMBO ( Win3.x, Win95, WinNT, MS-Dos, Mac, OS/2, Unix )

King Link & Games- Shareware ( Win3.x, Win95 )

Malek's Win95 Tips Page ( Win95 )

Microsoft Home Page ( Win3.x, Win95, WinNT )

My Desktop ( Win95 )

My Shareware Page ( Win95, WinNT, MS-Dos )

**No Nags ( Win3.x, Win95, WinNT )

One Stop Software Shoppe ( Win3.x, Win95 )

Only The Best Apps ( Win95, WinNT )

Papa Winsock L ( Winsock, Win3.x, Win95 )

PC Magazine's Downloadable Files Area ( Win3.x, Win95, WinNT )

PC Utilities ( Win3.x, Win95, MS-Dos )

Personal Microcosm's Shareware ( Win3.x, Win95, WinNT )

Process's Windows95 FTP Site ( Win95 )

Rocket Download ( Win3.x, Win95 )

Schaft's Windows Shareware Archive ( Winsock, Win3.x, Win95 )

Screen Saver Central ( Win3.x, Win95 )

SimTel Software Repository ( Win3.x, Win95, WinNT, MS-Dos, OS/2 )

**Slaughterhouse ( Win3.x, Win95 ) ( Win3.x, Win95, DOS, Mac, OS/2 )

Shareware Stockpile ( Win3.x, Win95, Mac )

Soft Seek ( Win95 )

Software Central ( Win3.x, Win95, MS-Dos )

Star Shareware ( Win3.x, Win95, MS-Dos )

Stardust Winsock Software Directory ( Winsock, Win3.x, Win95 )

Today's Cool Tool ( Win3.x, Win95, WinNT, Mac)

Tools Of The Net (Winsock, Win3.x, Win95 )

Tools- WWW Providers ( Win3.1, Win95, Mac )

Travis' Best PC Shareware Programs ( Win3.x, Win95, WinNT, MS-Dos )

TUCOWS Shareware ( Winsock, Win3.x, Win95, Mac )

Walnut Creek CDROM ( Win3.x, Win95, WinNT, OS/2, Mac, Unix )

Windows 95 Application List ( Win95 ) ( Win95 )

Windows NT Active X Server BBS ( WinNT )

WinSite Archive ( Win3.x, Win95, WinNT )

WSO Software ( Win95, MS-Dos, Mac )

WT-DV-IG's Archive ( Win3.x, Win95, Unix )

WUGNET Shareware Hall of Fame ( Win3.x, Win95 )

Xiaomu's Internet Apps ( Winsock, Win3.x, Win95 )

ZDNET Software Library ( Win3.x, Win95, WinNT, Mac )

Game Archives

Absolutely Games ( Win3.x, Win95, MS-Dos )

Adrenaline Vault ( Win3.x, Win95, MS-Dos )

Bobby's Game List ( Win3.x, Win95 )

Chuck's Downloads of the Future ( Win3.x, Win95, Ms-Dos )

Deadline's Shareware Games (Win3.x, Win95, MS-Dos )

Doom Gate ( MS-Dos )

Game Link ( Win3.x, Win95 )

Game Shack ( Win3.x, Win95, MS-Dos )

Games Domain Direct Download Area ( Win3.x, Win95, OS/2, MS-Dos, Mac, Amiga )

Game Galaxy ( Win3.x, Win95 )

Happy Puppy Games Onramp ( Win3.x, Win95, MS-Dos )

Jonathon Lee's Shareware Games and Demos ( Win3.x, Win95, Mac )

King Link & Games- Game Forum ( Win3.x, Win95, MS-Dos )

Microsoft Games ( Win3.x, Win95, WinNT )

Pier 1's Pick of the Bunch ( Win3.x, Win95, Mac )

Puzzle Post ( Win3.x, Win95, MS-Dos, Mac, Amiga )

Windows Games ( ) ( Win3.x )

There you have it! Pure and simple!

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