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OX 4

Right, I´ll write something about them soon, in the meantime, enjoy the pictures ;)

What the press said:

about Nowhere: NME "Close, but not close enough. Ride are eight miles high... and hovering." 7 out of 10

about Leave Them All Behind: MM "... if anyone´s fit to breathe the same air as the Cure, it´s Ride ..."

about Twisterella, Select May 1992: "Top pop hit."

about Going Blank Again: MM "... it´s an OK record ..." (pah!)

about Going Blank Again: NME "There's less here to suggest that they're desperate to impress. They don't need to hang out in the right places - or be 'Scene' to be safe. Judging by this, Ride should get out less." 9 out of 10

Live Review: MM "... Mark may look more like a beached trout then ever, but he plays with the grace of a dolphin and the hunger of a shark ..."

Live Review, November 1991, MM: "... tonight, however, there was little shoegazing, and noone would now dare accuse Ride of being curly-haired Chwistopher Wobins to their faces."

about Tarantula: NME "the sound of a group weighed down with so many problems the only decent thing to do was split. Which is a great shame, because at times, even here, Ride have the ghost of genius about them. So, take your best memories of the last five years. But don't necessarily start here." 6 out of 10


From Time to Time

Hurricane #1
Chain Reaction

Ride records I own:

  • "Red" EP with Chelsea Girl (CD-single)
  • "Yellow" EP with Like A Daydream (CD-single)
  • Nowhere (CD-album)
  • Today Forever EP (12")
  • Leave Them All Behind (CD-single)
  • Twisterella (CD-single)
  • Going Blank Again (CD-album)
  • Birdman (CD-single)
  • Carnival of Light (CD-album)
  • Live Light (CD-album)
  • Black Night Crash (12")
  • Tarantula (CD-album)