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(The following selection is from the album "Here Comes Inspiration")
[A&M Records number SP-3606....I recommend it !!!]

~Born To Fly~

Is it wrong to say
"I love you" right away
To somebody new
Even though you know you do?
You decide what's right for you and I'll decide for me.
You know where you're comin' from and where you'd like to be.
All of us are different as the snow flakes from the sky.
Snow was born to fall...
We were born to fly.

Is it best to hide
The things you feel inside
And never let them show.
Don't let anybody know.
Think about the rich ol' man who never learned to smile.
Doesn't know that sometimes laughin' makes it all worthwhile.
I believe the strongest people aren't afraid to cry.
Tears were born to fall...
We were born to fly.

Follow your heart like the path of an arrow
That looks for a home in the morning sky.
Out of the nest like a small summer sparrow...
He knows in his heart he was born to fly...
...Knows in his heart he was born to fly.

When it's time, old friend,
For a worn out love to end...
If what you shared is gone
But you feel like holdin' on...
Realize that long goodbyes are bound to make you sad.
Look around for something new
And treasure what you had.
It isn't always easy, but we're still supposed to try.
Even if we fall...
We were born to fly...
Even when we fall...
We were born to fly.

(copyright 1973 Almo Music Corp./ASCAP)