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Warning: The following story describes a physical relationship between consenting adult women. If this offends you, or is illegal where you are, stop reading and move.

MCA owns all rights and privileges to Xena, Gabrielle, Perdicus and any others I may mention,
the rest is my fault and belongs to me.


by Brandy

The two women splashed each other furiously. Their giggles and cries of laughter filled the room. Suddenly Gabrielle lunged forward and caught the warrior off-guard. Placing her palms on the top of Xena’s head, she pushed her under the surface. "Take that!" she laughed. "Teach you to throw fish at me!"

Xena’s surprise only lasted a few seconds. She pushed her legs against the bottom of the tub and shot upwards. Gabrielle quickly let go and stepped back, trying not to notice how the water ran off the smooth, tan skin. Her pulse started to race as Xena broke the surface in a shower of water, drenching her smaller companion as she sat entranced by the muscles rippling in the sunlight.

"Oh-oh…" was all Gabrielle had time to get out before powerful arms clamped around her body. Xena had come down on her with a vengeance. Smiling widely Xena grabbed the bard and held her under water. Gabrielle flailed madly, trying to break free, but it was of no use. She couldn’t break Xena’s hold. She went limp, surrendering.

Letting her go, Xena backed away slowly, reluctantly. She had loved the feel of Gabrielle’s skin against her. Smooth and soft. As she let go, she kept her hands at the ready. Gabrielle came up gasping, looking for Xena with a gleam in her eye.

"I’m going to get you for that. I nearly drowned!"

Xena arched an eyebrow. "Drowned?"

Gabrielle’s lips twitched as she tried not to laugh. "Yes drowned. How would you like it if…." A sudden wave of water from Xena’s hand caught her full in the face. She sucked in a mouthful of water and started to cough. She leaned over as spasms wracked her body. Suddenly there were strong arms around her, supporting her as she hacked up the water.

"Gabrielle, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…" Xena broke off as she felt the bards hand slip around her waist in an effort to keep her balance. Her mind lost its focus at the feel of Gabrielle’s breasts against her. She shook her head, trying to remember what she had been saying. "Are you okay? Gabrielle?"

After one last cough, Gabrielle took a huge breath of air. It burned its way down into her lungs as she leaned on her friend. "Gods that hurt," she wheezed. "Promise me you’ll never try to drown me again." She looked up into blue eyes so close to her own. She became aware of the body next to her and tried to pull away before her trembling gave her away. She couldn’t let Xena know…

Xena held on to her for a few more seconds, not wanting to let Gabrielle go. She felt the bard tremble in her grasp and held on tighter, afraid of another coughing fit. "Are you okay now? You’ve coughed it all up right?" She felt Gabrielle’s head nod slightly and resisted the urge to nuzzle the blonde hair. Letting go, she stepped back, but ready to move if needed. She took a ragged breath and tried to calm her racing heart. Looking at her friend carefully, she told herself not to overreact. It was only a little water after all, nothing life threatening. It was just that she hated to see Gabrielle in any sort of pain, especially if it was her fault. She’d done enough of that in the past…

"Xena? Hello? Anybody home?" Gabrielle waved a hand in front of her friends face. She watched as the eyes she loved pulled back from a distant place and focused on her own.

"Yes?" Xena grimaced. "Sorry, I was just thinking… What did you say?"

Gabrielle sighed. "I said that I was fine. And that I think we should call truce." She looked quizzically at her friend. "Don’t you? I mean, before someone really drowns." The last was said with a threatening growl and narrowed eyes.

A tremor shot up Xena’s spine as Gabrielle’s voice lowered. Trying to control her voice, she nodded. "Sure thing. We should probably get back to washing up. That woman won’t be gone forever, and if we take too long she might come back." Xena rubbed her shoulder. "And start pouring in more hot water." She winced at the pain the slight pressure caused.

Gabrielle didn’t miss the expression of pain. Immediately she was at Xena’s side, turning her so she could look at the burned shoulder. "Oh, Xena. Why didn’t you say something before she poured it in?" The skin was reddened and looked painful. Her fingers glided softly across the tender skin. Xena froze at the touch, her mind focused on the bards fingers. The touch was so light it didn’t hurt though it seared her. Her breath caught in her throat as Gabrielle slipped on the soap that had fallen to the bottom of the tub, causing her to fall against Xena. Arms instinctively tightened around each other and eyes met. Both were shocked at what they saw. Desire…tenderness….Love.

Eyes widened, minds flew as the emotions they’d been fighting since Xena’s return bubbled to the surface. They hadn’t talked about what had happened between them while Xena was in Autolycus’ body, but neither had forgotten…

Bodies moved instinctively towards each other. Xena lifted her hand, slowly tracing the outline of Gabrielle’s face. Her lips, her cheeks. Wondering in amazement at the beauty before her. Watching the bards eyes close, Xena slowly leaned forward and brushed her lips against Gabrielle’s. Her stomach jumped at the contact, her arms going around Gabrielle’s waist.

The love for the woman in her arms burst forth as her tongue slowly traced the edges of the bards lips. Gabrielle moaned deep in her throat as she parted her lips, allowing Xena entrance. The first touch of their tongues sent shocks tingling through both of them. Softly at first, and then with more passion, they hungrily explored each others mouths. Learning, tasting…loving.

Lifting Gabrielle into her arms, she felt legs go around her waist. When she felt the hot warmth against her abdomen, she let out a tortured groan. Pulling back Gabrielle’s head, she nipped the soft, white throat that was bared. She moved her tongue over Gabrielle’s pulse, her tongue flicking in time with the heartbeat. Her mouth moved slowly over the warm skin, feeling Gabrielle’s hands twine in her hair.

Moving forward, Xena rested Gabrielle on the low seat and knelt before her. Gabrielle left her legs around Xena’s waist, pulling the warrior against her once more. Now that she had Xena right where she had wanted her for so long, she was NOT about to let her go now. Her hands ran up and down Xena’s back, feeling the muscles move beneath the skin.

Xena trailed her mouth across Gabrielle’s throat to nibble on her ear while her left hand came up to slowly caress her breast. Gabrielle jumped at the first touch of the strong fingers against her nipple, but quickly arched her back into the touch. Her breath grew more ragged as Xena ran her thumb around the sensitive bud, causing it to harden almost painfully. She slowly kissed her way down to Gabrielle’s other breast, kissing all around it as soft sighs followed her every motion. Finally she lowered her mouth onto the taut nipple. Gabrielle arched into her touch, fingers digging into Xena’s back. Her breath caught in her throat as Xena slowly teased her nipple, her powerful arms holding Gabrielle tightly.

Suddenly both women heard a sound from outside and the spell was broken. Xena pulled back suddenly, her temper flaring to the surface. ‘Damn that woman for coming in now’ she thought just as Minya walked past the open door. Gabrielle sat there, her chest heaving as she fought to regain her breath. Her mind was whirling with unsatisfied desire as Xena backed further away. She started after the warrior with a glint in her eye.

Xena’s eyes widened as she saw the determined look on Gabrielle’s face. "Gabrielle, what are you doing?"

"It should be perfectly obvious what I’m doing… You started something and I’m going to finish it." She backed Xena against the wall. Her hand moved forward and ran along the muscled leg underwater. "And you’re going to let me." She chuckled to herself as Xena’s eyes closed and she shuddered at the touch. Her other hand ran up the other leg as she slowly parted them and moved forward.

Gabrielle slowly leaned down and flicked a drop of water from Xena’s chest, her tongue barely grazing the soft skin. Xena moaned low in her throat at the bards teasing. Her entire being was focused on the hands caressing her thighs, trailing nails lightly up the inside and out when they reached the juncture of her legs.

"Gabrielle…." She whispered, "Please…. Ooohhhhh." She caught her breath as Gabrielle swooped down and captured a nipple firmly between her teeth, pulling gently. Xena’s head lolled back as the pleasure raced through her body. Gabrielle’s hands encircled her waist, pulling the warrior forward. Her tongue still teasing the taut nipple, her right hand came up and began to roll the other between thumb and forefinger.

Xena’s hands had just come up to pull Gabrielle in for a kiss when Minya walked by the door again… "You girls need anything in there?" Xena gasped as Gabrielle pulled away suddenly.

The bard growled low in her throat. "I’m going to kill that woman…" She started to stand. Xena quickly pulled her back down and told Minya that they were fine.

Xena chuckled. "My, aren’t we the blood thirsty one… But in this case, I’m almost inclined to agree with you." She sighed regretfully. "But maybe this is for the best."

Gabrielle swung around and looked at her with shock. "What I mean is, maybe this is not the best time for…this…" She lifted her hands and ran them down Gabrielle’s arms. She watched the young woman shiver. "Maybe we should wait until after we’ve taken care of the giant." She watched as Gabrielle considered this carefully.

"Maybe… I don’t quite agree, but I’ll go along with it." She leaned forward and kissed Xena deeply. "But don’t think this is over. Don’t even think of putting those walls back in place. This will happen, and this will happen soon." She looked into the blue eyes of her love. "Got it??"

Xena raised her hands in mock surrender. "Ok, ok. Whatever you say. We’ll continue discussing this later… And at great depth." She gave Gabrielle one last kiss. "Now let’s finish washing up. The sooner the giant’s gone, we can continue where we left off." A thoughtful look came into her eye. "Although I think that this time, we should wash ourselves…"

Gabrielle laughed and moved to find the soap…

* * *
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