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Rohrersville Band Library
The library is divided into five sections - Concert Size, March Size, Christmas, Sousa and Books
Most pieces are complete for full band but not all.

Concert Size
1812 Overture
Admiral - The
Air Varie
Alexander's Ragtime Band
All Through the Nite
. . . (orchestral - few parts)
Amazing Grace
America the Beautiful (3)
American Folk Fantasia
American Folk Rhapsody
. . . No.2
American Folk Suite
American Heritage
. . . (A suite for band)
American Legions Overture
American Patrol
Amparito Roca
An American in Paris
An American Patriotic Medley
An Album Leaf
... (orchestral)
Autumn Leaves
... (orchestral)
Baby Elephant Walk
Baby Face (orchestral)
Ballet Egyptian
Ballet Russe No. 1
Bandsman's Delight - The
Band Wagon (orchestral)
Batter Up (w/score)
Battle Hymn of the Republic
Beatles Gold
Beguine for Flutes
Beg Your Pardon (w/score)
Belle of the Ball
Bercease (from Firebird)
Best Loved Southern Melodies
Big Band Signatures
Big Band Spectacular
Billy Sunday's Successful Songs
Black Eyes (Dark Eyes)
Black is the Color
Bless This House
Blossom Time
. . . (Selections From)
Blue and the Gray - The
Blue Danube (The)
Blue Moon
Blue Tango
Blues in 6/8 for Band
Bombardier Song - The
Brass on Broadway
Bride-Elect - The
Buglers Holiday
Calif of Bagdad - The
Capriccio Italien
Caprice Italien
. . . (Selections from Bizets)
Carnival of Melody
Carolina Moon
Cieto Lindo
. . . (Concert March)
Chimes of Liberty
Civil War Suite
Cole Porter in Concert
Collection of Gospel Hymns
Corinthian Overture
Dance of the Tumblers
Danse Arabe
Danse Russe
Dawn in the Forest
Days of Dixie
Days of Glory
Days of Old (Medley)
Desert Song - The
Disney at the Movies
Dixieland on Stage
Dixieland Review
Echoes from the Opera
Eine Kleine Machtmusik
. . . (first movement)
Emerald Isle - The
English Folk Song Suite
Evening Prayer
. . . from Hansel & Gretel
Extempore Overture
Farm and Home March
Fascinating Rhythm
Faust Selections (Laurendreau)
Faust Selections (Safranak)
Festal Overture
Fiddler on the Roof
Flag of Victory
Folk Song Variety
. . . (Trombone Polka)
From Sea To Shining Sea
Gallantry Overture
Garden of Eden Overture
Garibaldi War Hymn
Gay Nineties Medley
Gems of Stephen Foster
Georgia on My Mind
Gimme That Ol' Time Religion
Glow of Sunset
Glow Worm - The
Gold and Silver Concert March
Golden Days Overture
Golden Sceptre - The (need many parts)
Grand Fantasia on Gospel Hymns
Great Beyond - The
Great Escape (March from)
Guide Right March
Gusto March
Gypsy Festival - The
Hail America
Hail, Hail, The Gang's All Here
Hall of Fame
Hansel and Gretel Selection
Happy Birthday
Harlem Nocturne
Hit The Deck
Hoagy Carmichael:
. . . An American Classic
. . . still und leise
Holy City - The
Hooked on Classics
Hungarian Dance #5
Hungarian Dance #6
Hymn of Brotherhood
Hymn Song for Sunday
Ich Liebe Dich
I'd've Baked a Cake
If Thou Be Near
I'll Dance at Your Wedding
Il Re Pastore
. . . (The Shepherd King)
Il Trovatore
. . . (Selections from Verdi)
Images of Aura Lee
I'm Glad I'm An American
Impassioned Dream Waltz
In A Persian Market (Intermezzo)
. . . (The Little English Girl)
Instant Concert
International Dixieland Jamboree
Inventions on Marching Songs
Iron Count - The
Irving Berlins'
. . . Songs for America
Jeanie With
. . . the Light Brown Hair
James Bond Returns
John Dunbar Theme
John Williams Movie Adventure
John Williams:
. . . The Symphonic Marches
Jolly Robbers Overture
Joy to the World
King Lear Overture
Kiss of Spring Waltz
Knightsbridge March
La Comparita (score only)
La Golondrina
. . . (fr. Antonin Dvorak's 5th Sym.)
L'arlesienne Suite #1
Le Reveil du Lion
Legacy in Sound, A,
. . . Leroy Anderson
Let Freedom Ring
Light Calvary Overture
Londonderry Air/Song My Mother etc
Loreley - Paraphrase
Love Theme from Romeo & Juliet
Maiden Queen Waltzes - The
Mancini Magic
March and Procession of Bacchus
March for the Sultan Abdul
March of the Steel Men
March Olevine
Marche Royal
Martha (Selections from)
Massa's in the Cold, Cold Ground
Master Melodies
. . . (fr. Light Opera Revue)
Medley Selection
Military March No. 3
Mississippi Rhapsody
Mississippi Suite Overture
Morning (Peer Gynt Suite)
Morning, Noon and Night
Morris Dance
Music Man, The
My Fair Lady
My Grandfathers Clock
My Heart Will Go On (Sax Solo)
Naval Sea Cadet March - The
New Moon Selections - The
Nights of Gladness
Nugget Nell Overture
Ocean Waves
Of Thee I Sing
Oklahoma, Highlights from
Old Timers Waltz
Olympia Hippodrome March
Olympic Fanfare
On Parade March
On the Banks of the Wabash
On The Trail (fr Grand Canyon)
Operatic Mingle Overture
Orpheus in the
. . . Underworld Overture
Our Family Band
Over There
Overture "Golden Gate"
Overture for Billy
Overture Invincible
Overture Romantic
Palm Leaf Rag
Phantom of the Opera - The
Pilgrims Chorus from Tannhauser
Plantation Songs Medley
Poet & Peasant
Polka No. 6
Pomposa (Tuba Solo)
Poor Wayfaring Stranger
Porgy and Bess
Prelude to Fugue in G Minor
Queen of Sheba - The
Radetsky March
Red, White and Brass
Rocketeer - The
Rondo (for clarinet)
Royal Highway - The
Russian Sailors Dance
Sacred Favorites - Medley
Sacred Suite - A
Saints' Hallelujah - The
Salute to Jimmy Webb
Salute to Spike Jones - A
. . . (Selections of Schubert)
S'cool Room Dixie
Screamers - The
Second Hungarian Rhapsody
Second Suite in F for Military
Selections from "Cats"
Sentimental Journey
Seventies - The
Sheep May Safely Graze
Silver Glade - The
Sinatra In Concert
Slavonic Dance No III
Sleepers Wake
Song of Praise
Songs for America
Sound of Music - The
South Wind
Southern Breezes
Spanish Dances (3 Dances)
Spirit of Springtime
Spirit of the Age
Spiritual Contrast
Springtime Waltz
Squealer - The
Star of the Evening
Star Spangled Spectacular
Star Wars Medley
Stepping Along
Stranger on the Shore
Streets of Athens
Student Prince - The (Selections)
Symbol of Honor Overture
Symphonic Beatles - The
Tea for Two (fr. No, No Nanette)
Teddy Bear's Picnic - The
They Went Thataway
Those Fabulous "Oldies"
Three Revolutionary Marches
Throw Out the Lifeline
Tin Pan Alley
Toccata For Band
Toot Sweet (Trumpet Solo)
Tribute to Artie Shaw -
Tribute to Elvis - A
Triumphal March
. . . fr. Peter the Wolf
Trombones Triumphant
Troopers - The
Trumpet Polka
Trumpet Voluntary
Two Guitars
Unites We Stand
Valse Danseuse
Voyager - The
Waltz "Springtime"
We Are Coming
We Saw the Sea
We Shall Forever Remember
Were You There
When Love Shines In v William Tell Overture
William Tell
Wipe Out
Wizard of Oz Fantasy - The
Wonderland By Night
Yankee Rhythm
You Light Up My Life

March Size
1st Batallion March*
2nd Regmt. Conn. NG March*
21 Gun Salute*
10th Regiment*
87th Regiment Band*
Across the Atlantic*
Admiral Mayo's March*
After Glow - The*
Air Pilot (The)*
Alamo March*
Alexander's Ragtime Band*
All-American Girl*
Allegiance* (Perfect Song)
Allegiance To The USA*
All Hail The Power*
Amapola (Petty Little Poppy)*
America Exultant*
America Forever March*
America the Beautiful* (Edmundson)
America the Beautiful* (Missud)
American Eagle March*
American Farm Bureau Spirit - The*
American Flyer - The*
American Medley March No. 7*
American Way - The*
Americans We March*
Americans We*
Among the Daisies (Waltz)*
Anchor's Away* (Loan)
Anchor's Away* (Yoder)
Anchor's Away* (Breigel)
Anything Goes*
A Pair of Polkas
(Beer Barrel & Pa.)
Ario Carnival* (no flute)
Army Nurse (The)*
Army of the Nile*
Around the World (in 80 days)*
A Royal Welcome Home*
Asleep In The Deep*
At Twilight Hour (Serenade)*
Babbling Brook*
Back in Your Own Back Yard*
Band of America March*
Barnum and Bailey's Favorite*
Battle Hymn of the Republic* (Walters)
Beatles Band Show*
Beautiful Brown Eyes*
Beautiful Home of Paradise*
Beautiful Lady in Blue-A*
Beer Barrel & Pa.* (Yoder, Warrington)
Beer Barrel (Briegel)*
Bel Esprit March*
Bells of St. Mary's - The*
Bell Bottom Trousers*
Betty Co-ed*
Beyond the Blue Horizon*
Billboard, The
Billboard Special*
Bizzy Trombones*
Blame it on the Bossa Nova*
Blessed Are The Dead*
Blue Bells Polka (hard)*
Blue Danube*
B of A March*
Bombardier Song*
Boosters - The*
Boots and Saddle (Take Me Back)*
Born Free*(Mr. Touchdown)
Boy Scouts of America*
Brian's Song*
Bridal Rose*
Brooke's Chicago Marine Band*
Brooke's Triumphal March*
But Not For Me*
Caisons Go Rolling Along*
. . . (orchestral arr.)
Call Out the Marines*
Camp Fire*
Candidates March, The*
Can't Take My Eyes off of You*
Capt. McKenzie March*
Cascading Brass*
Castle House Rag*
Cavalry Wiggle - The*
Celestial Crown*
Challenge (baritone solo)*
Changing Partners*
Cherry Pink and
. . . Apple Blossom White*
Circus Bee - The*
City of Champions*
Clarinet Polka*
Climb Every Mountain*
Coast Guards*
Colonel Bogey* (Alfred)
Colonel Bogey* (Barnes)
Colonel Bogey* (Mackie)
Colonel Miner's March*
Color Purple - The*
Colored 400 Cake Walk - The*
Columbian March*
Connecticut March, The*
Cottage Grove*
Cotton Candy*
Cotton Top Rag*
Cruising Down the River*
Cruising Down The River* (Yoder)
Cupids Charms (Serenade)*
Cupid's Charms(x)*
Cyrus the Great*
Darktown Strutters Ball*
Daybreak in the Alleghenys*
Deep in the Heart of Texas*
DeMolay Commandery*
Devotion Duet*
Dixie Gems*
Dixieland - (I Wish I Was In)*
Don't Fence Me In*
Don't Give Up On Us*
Dream Days*
Drums and Bugles*
Dusty Trombone*
E. Pluribus Unum*
Easter Parade*
Elena Polka*
Everything Is Beautiful*
Everything Is Coming Up Roses*
Exemplar of Peace*
Eyes of Texas (Medley)*
Eyes of Texas*
Fall in Line*
Father of Liberty*
Father of the Land We Love*
Fencing Master, The*
Fez March - The*
Field Day*
Fifth Avenue March*
Fires of Glory*
First Regiment Band*
Flag of Truce*
Follow the Leader
Florentiner March*
Fly Me To the Moon*
Flying Colors*
Footlifter - The*
For Once in My Life*
Fort Royal*
Forward March*
Four Leaf Clover
...(I'm Looking Over A)
Four Patriotic Songs*
Four Walls*
Franklin D. Roosevelt*
From Ocean to Ocean*
Gardes Du Corps March*
Gate City*
General Lyman March*
General Payne March
General McDougal March*
General Russell March*
Georgia Girl*
... Look Sharp March*
Girl From Ipanema*
Give My Regards to Broadway*
Globe Dwellers, The March*
Glorifying Our
. . . Universal Amer. Bands*
Glory, Glory Hallejujah*
Glory of Love - The*
Glory of the Trumpets*
God Bless America*
God of Our Fathers*
Goin' Out of My Head*
Golden Glory*
Good Bye*
Good Night Irene*
Good Night Sweetheart*
Grandioso March*
Grasshopper Frolic*
Great College Fight Songs*
Greater Citadel - The*
Green Peppers*
Growth of a Great Nation*
Guest of Honor*
Hail America*
Hail to Uncle Sam*
Hail! Trojans, Hail!*
Happy Days Are Here Again*
Happy Go Lucky*
Heart of the Nation (March)*
Hearts Haven*
(The Dwarf's Marching Song)
Hello Dolly*
Hey, Look Me Over*
High Society*
His Honor*
Hof Brau Medley Waltz*
Host of Freedom*
I Ain't Down Yet*
I Am An American*
I'd Like To Teach the World to Sing*
I Don't Know How to Love Him*
I Double Dare You*
I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart*
If I Loved You*
I'm Alone, Because I Love You*
In a Little Gypsy Tea Room*
In Apple Blossom Time*
In a Rose Garden*
In Darkey Time*
Indpendentia (March)*
In Maytime (I Learned to Love)*
In Starlit Vale*
In the Chapel in the Moonlight*
In The Mood*
In The Shadow of the Pines*
In the Valley of the Moon*
Indiana State Band - The*
International Good Will*
Invisible Touch*
Iron Clad
Iron Master - The*
Is it True What They Say About Dixie*
Isle of Capri*
It's Our Navy*
I Want a Girl*
Jail House Rock*
Jealous Heart*
Johnny One Note*
Jolly Coppersmith - The*
Joy Riders, The*
Joyful Greeting
. . . (Home Sweet Home)*
June Roses (Flower Song)*
Just A Prayer Away*
Kemper Cadet - The*
Kill Me Softly*
Klaxon, The*
Lassus Trombone*
Last Rest*
Last Sleep, The*
Lazy River*
Lead Kindly Light*
League of the Cross Cadets*
Leather Necks, The*
Legend of the Stars*
Lemon Tree*
Let Me Call You Sweetheart (Yoder)*
Let Me Call You Sweetheart (Alfred)*
Let Me Call You Sweetheart* (Breigel)
Let Me Go Lover*
Let There Be Peace on Earth*
Let's All Sing Like the Birdies Sing*
Lieutenant Santleman*
Lights Out*
Limbo Rock*
Lion Heart*
Little Champ*
Little Jumbo*
Little Marie*
Little Old Lady*
Little Ruby*
Little Sir Echo*
Lost & Won *
Lost Cord - The*
Love Is Blue*
Loves Response*
Love's Way Waltz*
Loyal and True*
Loyal Citizens March*
Loyalty (Out of a Book)*
Loyalty Day Parade*
Man of LaMancha*
Man of the Hour, The*
Man on the Flying Trapeze - The*
March 87th Regiment Band*
March America*
March of the Champions*
March of the Women Marines*
March Olivine*
March for Tomorrow*
March on to Victory*
Marche Pontificale*
Marching Along Together*
Marching Band, The*
Maria Elena*
Marine's Hymn, The*
Mary's A Grand Old Name*
Massas In The Cold, Cold Ground*
Men of Ohio*
Merrimac, The*
Merry Go Round*
Merry Widow Waltz*
Midnight Echoes (Serenade)*
Midnight Flyer - The*
Military Escort*
Military Medley*
Mister Touchdown-Born Free*
Missionaire (March)*
Mockingbird Hill*
Mona Lisa*
Monitor, The*
Montgomery Post*
Moonlight and Roses*
Moonlight in Dixie*
Moon River*
Music Maker*
Music to Watch Girls By*
My Cup Runneth Over*
My Gal Sal*
My Maryland*
National Emblem*
National Progress March*
National Reform (March)*
NC-4, The*
New Colonial*
New Frontier*
New Frontier*
New Hartford March*
New White House
... March - The*
No Man is an Island*
Now Is The Hour*
Officer of the Day*
Of Thee I Sing*
Oh! My Pa-Pa (O Mein Papa)*
Oh, Happy Day*
O-H-I-O (Down by the)*
Oh, Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh!*
Old Acquaintance*
Old Apple Tree - The*
Old Black Joe*
Old Church Organ - The*
Old Comrades*
Old Grey Mare - The*
Old Rugged Cross - The*
Old Spinning Wheel - The*
Old Trinity*
Olympic Hypodrome*
On a Clear Day*
One Seventy Fourth March*
On Guard for the USA*
On Parade(x)*
On The Banks of the Wabash*
On The Mall*
On the Square*
On Top of Old Smokey
On to Victory*
On, Wisconsin*
Orange and Black March*
Orange Bowl*
Organ Echoes(x)*c Our Defenders March*
Our Director*
Our Favorite Rag*
Our Fighting Men*
Outlook - The*
Over the Waves*
Over There*
Peace (March)*
Pennsylvania Polka*
Pilgrims' Triumphal*
Praise the Lord
(and pass the ammunition)*
Progressive Era*
Purple Pageant - The*
Put on a Happy Face*
Quaker City (March)*
Queen City*
Quilting Party Hop*
Raggy Trombone*
Rambler - The March*
Red and Green*
Red Roses for a Blue Lady*
Red Sails in the Sunset*
Regimental Band*
Remember Pearl Harbor*
Remembrance of Colonel Miner*
Rest Departed Heroes*
Robinson's Grand Entrée March*
Rock And Roll Waltz*
Roll Along Prairie Moon*
Royalist The Overture*
Royal Welcome Home, A*
Saint Louis Blues March*
Salute to the Stars & Stripes*
Screamer, The*
Seventy Six Trombones*
Shades of Evening*
Shiner, The*
Show Boy - The*
Signal From Mars - A*
Silent Comrades*
Simon Bolivar March*
Skyrocket March*
Sliding Jim*
Slidin' Some*
Slim Trombone*
Slipperinis* (trombone episode)
Slow Poke*
Sobra Las Olas Waltz*
Solid Front - March*
Somebody Loves You*
Somethin' Stupid*
Somewhere Down the Road*
Sounding Brass*
South of the Border
(Mexico Way)*
Spanish Flea*
Spanish Eyes
Spirit of America*
Spirit of Enduring Peace
Spirit of the Day*
Spring Garden - March*
Spring Song*
Squadron A*
Squealer, The*
Star Dust*
Star Spangled Banner - The*
Starry Emblem - The U.S.*
State Center*
Stilly Night*
Strangers In The Night*
Stripper - The*
Sun Maid*
Swanee A La Dixie*
Sweet Georgia Brown*
Sweet Memories* (Hazel)
Sweet Memories* (Jarrett)
Sweet Memories* (Seitz)
Swing Down the Line
Swing March - The*
Symbol of Honor*
Take Me Home Country Roads*
Tales From The Vienna Woods*
Tannhauser - Pilgrims Chorus from*
Tara Theme*
Tech Triumph*
Tennessee Waltz*
That Doggie in the Window*
That's Amore*
That's An Irish Lullaby*
Them Basses*
There Is A Star Spangled Banner*
There Is a Tavern in the Town*
There's Something About a Soldier*
They Cut Down the Old Pine Tree*
This Is My Country*
Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy
. . . Days of Summer*
Thunderbolt - The*
Tiger Rag*
Tijuana Taxi*
Till I Waltz Again With You*
Tip Topper*
Too Young*
Torch of Liberty*
Torn Between Two Lovers*
To The Front March
Town Boosters March
Treasure State - The*
Trombone King - The*
Trombones on Parade*
Troubador, The*
Troopers, The*
Troupers Triumphal*
True Love*
True Value*
Trumpeter's Lullaby - A* (Solo)
Twilight Hour*
Twilight Romance, A*
Twin Eagle Strut*
Under the Double Eagle*
United We Stand*
University of Dayton*
University of Pennsylvania Band*
Up The Street*
U.S. Cruiser New York*
U.S. March - The*
U.S.S. Maine*
Vanguard of Victory*
Veteran's Day*
Victorious Legions*
Victory March*
Virginia Beach*
Wagon Wheels*
Wait 'Till The Sun Shines Nellie*
Waltz You Saved For Me - The*
Ward B. Lindsay*
Waltzing in a Dream*
Washington and Lee Swing*
Washington Evening Star - The*
Washington Grays*
Washington State
Watch the Baton*
Waves of the Danube*
Wayward Wind - The*
Webster's Funeral March*
We Saw the Sea*
We Shall Ever Remember
What About Me*
When I Grow Too Old to Dream*
When It's Springtime in the Rockies*
When My Dream Boat Comes Home*
When the Moon
... Comes Over the Mountain*
When You and I
...Were Young Maggie*
Whistler and His Dog - The*
White Cliffs of Dover - The*
Why Don't You Believe Me?*
Winchester Cathedral*
WM Rag*
Woodpecker Song*
Work Song - The*
Yellow Bird*
Yellow Rose of Texas - The*
You Can't Be True Dear*
You Light Up My Life*
You Must Have Been
... A Beautiful Baby*
You'll Never Walk Alone*
Your Land and My Land*
You're a Grand Old Flag*

Bells of Christmas - The
Canadian Brass Christmas,A
Carol of the Drum
Child is Born, A
Christmas a la Big Band
Christmas Favorites
Christmas Fancies
Christmas Festival, A
Christmas Memories
Christmas Music for Winds
Christmas Party
Christmas Portrait - A
Christmas Sing Along
Christmas Suite, The
Christmastide Overture
Christmas Thorugh The Ages
Coventry Carol/Jesu, Joy of Mans Desire
English Carol Festival
Five Favorite Yule-Tide Songs
Go Tell It On The Mountain
Fresh Air Christmas - A
German Christmas Festival
Glory of Christmas, The
Here We Come A-Caroling*
Holiday Cheer
Holly and The Ivy, The
Jingle Bells & Jungle Drums
Jingle-Bell rock*
Jingle Bells Fantasy
Magical Christmas, A
Most Wonderful Time of the Year, The
Parade of the Wooden Soldiers*
Santa Claus Comes to Dixieland
Shepherds Farewell - The
Sleigh Ride
Sounds of the Season, A Christmas Medley
Suite From The Nutcracker
Three Songs For Christmas
Sing, Oh Sing This Blessed Morn
Waltz Time For Christmas
Yule Tide Showcase, A
Twelve Days of Christmas

Black Horse Troupe - The*
Bullets & Bayonets
Bullets & Bayonets*
Comrades of the Legion*
Diplomat - The
Directorate - The
El Capitan March*
El Capitan March@6
Fairest of the Fair
Fairest of the Fair@9
Free Lance March - The*
Gladiator March - The*
Glory of the Yankee Navy - The
Guide Right March
Hands Across the Sea@13
High School Cadets - The
High School Cadets - The@5
Invincible Eagle - The@11
King Cotton@7
Liberty Bell - The*
Liberty Bell - The@4
Manhattan Beach@12
New York Hippodrome - The
On Parade March (The Lion Tamer)
Our Flirtations March
Pride of the Wolverines
Rifle Regiment March - The
Royal Welch Fusiliers - The
Sabre and Spurs (March of Amer. Calvary
Semper Fedilis March*
Semper Fedilis March@10
Stars and Stripes Forever - The*
Stars and Stripes Forever - The@3
Thunderer - The
Thunderer - The@8
U.S. Field Artillery March - The*
Untitled March - The
Washington Post March
Washington Post March@14
When the Boys Come Sailing Home*
Who's Who in Navy Blue*
@=page number in book "Sousa's Famous Marches"

Americana Collection
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Bennett 2(x)
Christmas Carols
Contest Band Folio(x)
Dixieland Band Book(x)
Famous Fillmore Marches
Follow The Leader(x)
Gloria Band Book
Huff Par-Excel(x) Hymns
March In Review(x)
march 'n swing(x)
more march 'n swing(x)
March Spectacular(x)
F.E. Noel March Book(x)
Marching To Victory(x)
Old Favorites
On Parade
Pass In Review
Pop Classics
Sousa's Famous Marches
Standards (50 Super)(x)
Sweet Sixteen
Swing Dings(x)
Top 50
Uncle Sam Strut
Would like to find missing parts especially for books.
(x)=need parts for full band