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When elected to the Maryland House of Delegates, I vow to present and support legislation to require term limits for all elected officials who represent the people of Maryland.

A term limit is a limit on the amount of time a representative may hold an elected office. Term limits are often thought to prevent long-term corruption and increase performance of representatives holding elected or appointed seats – making them work for you and me.

Members of Congress, for example, have no term limits - and that's a HUGE problem. They have all the time in the world to build relationships with lobbyists for big-time corporations who will influence their legislation – instead of you and I being the primarily influences behind legislation proposed by our representatives. And with all the time in the world once occupying that seat, it doesn’t offer much incentive to get anything done.

Our founding fathers knew that people given power will eventually be corrupted by it if you give them unlimited time in a position of power.

If you put limits on the amount of time reserved for any one person to represent the people, they will more likely run for a position for the purpose of actually serving the people.

And with term limits in place, legislation proposed and enacted by our representatives will affect those very same representatives once they become constituents themselves.

It’s no secret and no surprise that career politicians aren’t very popular among the people. Often they’re too bent on re-election and holding onto party seats within a governing body to be open to compromising (“reaching across the aisle”) to work toward legislation that actually benefits the whole of the public.

So maybe we shouldn’t aspire to have CAREER politicians. There is all too often a significant disconnect between long-time public representatives and the community they are supposed to serve.

In limitless terms of public representation when long-time politicians have spent years amassing funds from lobbyists and big-name corporations & special interest groups, they often use those profits made while in power to get re-elected. It puts middle-class citizens, who are likely to be far less removed from the daily realities of the American workforce, at a major disadvantage when running against an incumbent long-term politician – even if, though considerably less-funded, they may actually a better fit for the job.

The fact is, the will of the people must be heard and will be heard – this is my priority.

When elected, I vow to present and support legislation to require term limits for all elected officials who represent the people of Maryland.

I’m not a career politician. But I sure fulfill many roles of service to the community. I’m a member of several local community councils here in Baltimore, including the Greater Parkville Community Council and the Police Community Relations Council Precinct Eight. I am a healthcare professional working for over eleven years with world-class physicians and practitioners in delivering mental health care services to the regional community in need; I also provide hospice services to the regional community in need of ongoing palliative care via home & assisted living visitation. I assist at a local nonprofit animal rescue, an adoption service for abused animals in crisis; I’m a designated storm spotter for the National Weather Service; I am an ally and proponent of peer support recovery services for the community that has struggled with substance abuse, trauma, & related circumstances. Public service is important in my life, and an informed public is close to my heart.

What I am NOT is someone who is bought-and-sold, as are too many of our career politicians. And should I find myself selected for a ‘seat at the table,’ I vow not to settle-in indefinitely, as have TOO MANY POLITICIANS done for decades.

It is time to END LIMITLESS TERMS in public office. Our DEMOCRACY demands it. ACCURATE REPRESENTATION demands it. The FREE MARKET demands it. Our LAND OF THE FREE demands it. And THE PEOPLE demand it.

Term limits preserve our liberty.




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