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Joseph "JD" Sandy, B.Sc., A.A. is an American freelance writer & mixed media artist, peer support recovery mentor & advocate, healthcare liaison & market research professional, and former legislative candidate for the Maryland House of Delegates.


Sandy showcases the majority of his mixed-media visual arts via and, as well as via popular social media channels - namely and Select musical vocal performances dating back to 2010 are also viewable on YouTube.

He has announced intent to release his first published collection of writings, titled Pride & Glass, in latter 2021. Sandy has indicated intent to release at least three subsequent writing collections to succeed his first.

Sandy's writing style is reminiscent of the beat poets of the mid-twentieth century, and he namely dabbles in beat poetry and short fictional vignettes.

He also maintains a blog, JD For Liberty ( where he has provided political endorsements for past local & state legislative candidates, as well as commentary on social trending and local & national news.


FIX & TRICK STUDIOS of JD SANDY ( namely specializes in one-of-a-kind original abstract expressionist & surreal designs in mixed-media collage. Vast amounts of photography, jewelry design, sculpture, and other mixed-media arts are showcased at

In the artist's own words:


“In simplest terms, most often, I am often giving shape to stories. They aren’t necessarily my own, nor are they reflections of me. Rather, they present to me as entities to which I may give tangible shape. The intricacies of the translation will manifest differently with the variation in observer perceptions, but the goal for this artist in these situations is often to present the ‘shape’ of each entity’s ‘Being’ as it is revealed to me. One could compare this process to “plastic automatism” in its improvisatory nature.

“Moreover and cumulatively, my work fluctuates between abstract expressionism – as seen in many of these aforementioned ‘translations’ where there is no definite coherent structure or message, but rather, a ‘portrait’ of a story that is largely open to interpretation – and surrealism, in select works, whereby a message may be very clear, and is presented with deliberate intent."


Sandy is most influenced by the beat writers of the twentieth century - among his favorite collections being the poetry collections of the late Charles Bukowski. He is also a great fan of the works of Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe.

His musical influences are wide and varied, but he is a known fan of latter-twentieth-century country music, contemporary 80's/90's/2000's mainstream pop/rock, and cites his favorite musician as the late Freddie Mercury. of the British rock band Queen.

Sandy is a fan of Marina Abramovic, a Serbian conceptual and performance artist, philanthropist, writer, and filmmaker. He has noted an interest in pursuing performance art, and aspires to one day create a series of performance 'vignettes' in a similar style.


Sandy identifies as Libertarian, and is a registered member and supporter of both the state-level and national-level Libertarian Political Party ( and, respectively).

Libertarianism is a political philosophy and movement that upholds liberty as a core principle. Libertarians generally seek to maximize political and personal freedoms, emphasizing free association, freedom of choice, individualism and voluntary association. Generally, Libertarians share a skepticism of authority and state power and can be described, generally, as favoring the pairing of fiscal conservatism and social tolerance, and reducing the bloated American government overreach.

In 2017, Sandy sought and was granted the official endorsement of the Libertarian Party of Maryland (by vote of state committee members) for a prospective run on a seat in the Maryland State Legislature in the 2018 state election. Sandy was briefly a registered candidate for an upcoming vacancy in the Maryland House of Delegates, District 42B. He withdrew his candidacy early in the race due to shifting career opportunities and responsibilities, but went on to accept a position as Correspondence Director to the Magee for Baltimore County Sheriff campaign. He also publicly endorsed a number of local and state candidates for the 2018 election. (See,, &



“My mission is foremost to ensure the life, liberty & happiness of my family & loved ones. And in providing exemplary experiences to the community through volunteerism & charity over the years and into the future, I continue serving regional, national, and global communities."


Sandy holds an Associate of Art degree from CCBC in Baltimore and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Towson University.

For over thirteen years, Sandy worked among world class physicians and practitioners in delivering mental health care services to the regional community in need. He has assisted in providing hospice services to the regional community in need of ongoing palliative care via home & assisted-living community visitation, and is a trained End Of Life Doula available to the community via local hospice arrangement.

Sandy is a sales account manager of local, national, & global medical market research recruitment services for a full-service qualitative & quantitative global research provider.

Community ties over the years include involvement in multiple local community councils, volunteer work with a local nonprofit animal rescue organization near Upperco, MD (prev. Westminster, MD), service as a National Weather Service SKYWARN Storm & Severe Weather Spotter, and support of multiple local charitable organizations.

Sandy's philanthropic efforts are routinely directed to regional hospice services, peer support recovery networks, a local nonprofit animal rescue, as well as the National Kidney Foundation & the American Kidney Fund.

He is available as a Wedding Officiant/Celebrant as registered with American Marriage Ministries, Rose Ministries, and the Universal Life Church.

Sandy is an ally and advocate of nonprofessional, mutual-aid peer support groups & networks for individuals struggling with chronic physical & mental illness, bereavement, substance dependency & addiction, and other burdensome circumstances & conditions.

He currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland (USA).

All above-shown written and graphic material is authored by, and is the exclusive property of, JD Sandy, unless otherwise indicated. 2022