+\+The Gary Oldman Experience+/+

The Gary Oldman Experience
The Gary Oldman Experience

Welcome to my tribute to Gary Oldman. I started liking Gary when I saw Immortal Beloved when it first came out on video. Being a huge Beethoven fan, I had to see it, and when I did, I was amazed at how well he was portrayed. I started watching more movies with Gary in them and have been a fan ever since. My favourite movies, aside from Immortal Beloved, are Bram Stoker's Dracula, Sid And Nancy and currently Hannibal. I've put up a bunch of photos from some of my favourite movies. Enjoy!

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Immortal Beloved

Sid And Nancy

True Romance

Rosencratz And Guildenstern Are Dead

Romeo Is Bleeding

+ Songs +

My Way (Sid And Nancy)

Somethin' Else (Sid And Nancy)

Mother (Version 1) (Track 29)

Mother (Version 2) (Track 29)

It's Love (Dead Fish)

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