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I have now got a story for you. A Round Robin that we can all work on together. I hope this time people help... hehe. If you would like to add on to this story please e-mail at one of these two or thebelievers@angelfire.comPlease put Round Robin in the subject line so I know what it is. Thanks:)Now here is the new story.


The job ... and the winnings

Mike, Davy and Peter were sitting at the kicthen table when Micky ran into the house slamming the door so hard it made the room shake. "Guys Guys guess what just happened?" Micky said shaking the piece of paper in his hand and jumping for joy

"Well it better be good if you were about to brake the door down." Mike said leaning back in his chair.

"We got a Job a really really good job." Micky was still jumping up and down. He couldn't say anymore. Davy stood up and grab the paper out of his hand and starts reading it.

"Dear Monkees,

I was listening to you guys play at the Van Gogh Gogh a week ago and I tought you guys would be perfect for this job.

I'm looking for a band of four young man that are a Beatles kind of group. You guys fit it perfectly. Please don't take defense. Meet me at Studio B at 10 o'clock Thursday morning.



Part Two: By Heather

"Why did he leave it blank?" Peter asked.

"Maybe it's not a he," Davy said, "maybe it's a she."

"Thursday morning," Mike said, "that's tomorrow, but I wonder what Studio B is?"

"There's a Studio B in the mammoth studio," Micky said, "maybe that's where we ought to go."

The next morning, at 10 o'clock, the Monkees went at studio B. They wore their matching red eight button shirts and gray slacks

"Hello?" Mike asked.

"Oh good," a girl with long dark red hair said as she came out of the studio, "I take it you got the note I sent you."

"How come you left the signature, blank?" Davy asked.

"Well, if I wrote down my name as a girl, you probably wouldn't have come."

"Davy would," Peter said, "why do you want us?"

"My father wanted four boys to be in a movie we're doing. When I saw you at the Vincint Van Gogh Gogh, I thought you were perfect for the job."

"So, what's your name?" Mike asked.

"Candy Kane. Follow me." Candy showed the boys to her father. "Father, remember the four boys you wanted me to get for the movie."

"Yes?" the director, Ollie Kane asked.

"Well, I found them. These are the Monkees, Mike Nesmith, Davy Jones, Peter Tork, and Micky Dolenz.

"You!" Ollie said as he looked at one of the Monkees intently, "you're what I'm looking for!"

"Who?" Micky asked.



Part Three By: Katie

Ollie pointed to a man in the corner of the room. He was dressed in black pants and a red shirt.He also had vry short hair. "Him. He's just what I'm looking for."

Candy Kane steped in and shook her head at her dad. "No daddy you see he's not part of this group. He's just an janitor. You don't want him you want them." Candy points to the Monkees.

"Well I guess you guys will have to do. Candy take them over to custom will start shooting this afternoon." Ollie starts walking off mumbling "He just had to be on of the help. Now I have to work with four long haired wiredo. This better work or I'm..." Ollie finished walking out of the room.

Candy turned back to the room. "You'll have to excuse my father he's not all right up stairs."

Peter looked at her questionitaly. "Does he helped with what he is doing upstairs?"

Mike hit Peter upside the head. "He's not right in the head. Understand now?"

"What's wrong with his head?" Peter looked around at everyone and they were shaking their heads.

Candy starts walking the guys over to the customs. She looks over at Davy who was standing right by her side. "What's wrong in his head?"


Part Four: By Trini

"Oh, nothing. His hormones are getting the best of him again." Micky said.

"Again?" Candy asked?

"Don't bother asking. Just say you're married and he'll leave ya alone." Mike said softly. "By the way, what kind of movie is this?"

"It's a comedy, western, and musical." Candy said. "Here's where you'll find your scripts and costumes," she added five minutes later. "Just take one and find an appropiate costume and then go to the set."

The Monkees walked in. But Monkees being notoriously courious, they just had to play.

"Hey lookit me!" Micky shouted out, wearing a cow costume. "I'm America's favorite meat producer!"

"Now stand back men," Mike said, dressed up as a cowboy."I'm gonna lasso this critter."

Just then, the janitor walked in.


Part Five: By Doreen

The janitor walked in carrying in a large box. "Is that for us" Peter says very excitedly.

"That must be dinner, right?" Micky says smacking his lips.

"Wait a minute, it must be for me. After all, it is my birthday" Davy says walking up to the janitor.

"Hold on a minute" Mike says. "We don't know what it is. It might be something bad"

"No it's not, Mike, I can smell it from here. It's food" Micky says pushing Mike and Davy aside.

"The young man named Peter is right. But it's not food" the janitor says in his deep throat voice. "It is a present from you're new master.... err, I mean employer". The janitor set the box down and pulled out a television set with only one knob.

"Why is there only one knob" Mike says suspiciously.

"It's all you need. It carries only one station" Mr DeepVoice says.

He sets up the set on a small table and plugs it in. "Enjoy the show, boys" growls the janitor and walks out.

"Okay guys, I don't like this" Mike says to the others.

"What's wrong? It's only a tv set" Davy muses.

"Yeah, just because it only has one channel shouldn't matter. Maybe it's European" Micky says while trying to turn it on. Suddenly the picture comes on. Micky, Peter and Davy all grab a chair while Mike is still standing on the side of the set. There is a song playing and the 3 watchers are sitting staring at the set.

"Hey guys, whatsa matter" Mike asks. "Why aren't you saying anything". Then Mike comes around to the front of the set and can't believe what he sees.


Part Six By:Oldiesfan

"I can't believe it! That looks like us!" Mike exclaimed. "But what're we singing about?"

The words "'Midnight, Wharf 33. Bring the black bag,'" were distinguished.

"It doesn't make sense!" Davy said finally.

"I don't remember us singing a song like that," Peter added.

"That's because we didn't!" Micky said.

Suddenly Mike noticed a black bag over in the corner. "Hey! Where'd that come from?" he demanded.

Everyone turned to look. "What's in it?" Davy asked.

Mike went over to it and opened it. "Diamonds!" he exclaimed.

"Was that a present from our employer too?" Peter wondered.


Part Seven: by Trini

"Either that, or we've got a thief on our hands." said Mike.

"What do we do?" asked Davy.

"I say we play along for now. Then we'll see what we should do." said Mike. The other three agreed.

"Do you think that that weird TV has anything to do with the diamonds?" Micky asked after a few minutes.

"Maybe the director is really a thief who's hiding the diamonds and wants us to steal more so he's using the TV to hypnotize us and make us steal more and he gets away while we stay in jail!!" Peter said getting exited.

"Oh Peter!" Micky, Mike, and Davy said in unison.

"That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of!" Mike said.

"I think 'e's 'ad one too many bowls of his rootbeer soup." Davy whispered to Micky.

The director walked in just then. "Boys, we have a little problem." he said.

"What's wrong Mr. Kane?" asked Mike.

"One of our actors got lost on his way to the studio." said Mr. Kane. "He says he won't get here untill tomorrow. Untill then, I want the four of you to stay at the Motel 7 down the street."

"Why don't we just go to our house and come in the morning?" asked Mike.

"NO! I mean, I want the whole crew to stay at the motel so we can all go to the studio together and no one is late."

"Okay," said the Monkees.


I finnaly got off my lazy butt and put the next part up and thanks Trini for sending it to me again. At least something happened in Y2K.

It's now your turn again. So far so good. Now let's see what other crazy stuff we can think of or do.

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