Our Concert Report

On May 14th, Erica!! And Rebecca!! attended a concert with James Lee Stanley and some other guy by the name of Peter…ah...ah…It'll come to me…Tork! that's it. This concert review/story is in Erica's point of view.th,P>

I, Erica drove about maybe 65 miles to get to this concert. But it was more then worth it. I made it to the church which they were playing at...My friend Becca reminds me it's May's Chapel.

And channel 2 news was there and they interviewed Peter and James. But nobody got home in time to watch the news. But anyways...

I enter and see my friend Rebecca waiting in line. I go up to her and she's with four other people who I quicky bond with. Noctice the picture on the bottom of the page. Sara is missing. We all talk about the Monkees and i think maybe somewhere life in general, but i don't think so. We were so lucky and got the front room there were two seats that were really in the front where Keith and his wife Robin sat.

They were very nice people and talked to us. And Keith told us a story of how he bodyguard Mike in the 70's. He was a very sweet guy, and loud, happy loud.He loved to cheer and make the crowd laugh with being so loud when he did it and did it when nobody else was. Made Peter and James look at him very oddly during the concert.

Anyways back to what happened with me... and the other's. The concert started and James Lee comes out of the door that was right by us and walks on stage and does a couple of his songs. He was(is) a very funny man, and had one to many girls to write songs about. His music was very good I enjoyed it very much. After he was done he left the stage and on came Peter Tork we all cheered and he did to did some of his songs and old Monkees songs. Peter never did say the bands name he just called them "that group that will be known as "M"." Peter finished his turn and walked back off stage and out the door.

This was half time. So us girls went outside and for those who had money bought a couple things. I got two CD's. We decided to go back into the hall and we started thinking about what we wanted to say to Peter when we went to him and got his autogragh. "We have loved you from a far all these many moons. May we carry you across the mud." I still think it would of been better if we said the parking lot because their was no mud.

After that we just go crazy and start to do the Monkee walk and this woman wanted to take are picture so we all grab are camara and hand them to the lady and she takes are photo. Only two peoples picture turn out... see below. We never did get to finish the walk because out came Peter and James to do the Two Man Band part of the show.

They each again told jokes and made everyone laugh.And saying Damn in a church. Shame on them! good thing the light wasn't on the cross. Durning "Milkshake" a woman who sat on the other side of the room pulled out this suite that was a McDoland's Milkshake she brought it up to Peter and he wouldn't put it on. Gloria on the other hand went to the lady and asked if she could. She sadly said "no". But still it was a laugh.

Sadly after a 3 or 4 hour concert it ended. We got up and went outside where Peter and James were sitting at the table giving autographs. We all tryed to say "We have loved you from a far all these many moons. can we carry you across the mud" Sadly we all messed up saying it. But Peter gave us a sweet kind look of "someone call the metal hospital. we need 4 straight jackets." But he signed are stuff anyways.

Heather gave him a flower and a very very sweet poem. Becca here gave him gimph and a report card to sign. I gave James a picture of him to sign. He wrote "this is me." and for Peter he signed my Monkees book and I said that this concert was my brithday gift which it was and he wrote "love Peter Tork" well others got "Peter Tork".. hahaha :oŢ.

All the Monkee mates left I was there with my mom. But I was so glad I stayed because I got to get a hug from peter and a picture which didn't turn out :*o(**. I'm still upset about that.... but anyways it was such a great time.

I'll never forget it and I don't think either will Gloria, Heather, Rebecca, and Sara would forget it. Oh yeah I forgot to say, Did you know Peter still wears is belt buckle to his side just like back during the Monkee years? Things just never change. IF you can you must go see Peter or James in concert no matter how because there great. (I should now get my 5 bucks)....


Looking for Kieth…er…Keith

At the concert, we met a very cool and interesting man name Keith. He and his wife, Robin, sat in front of us (I know we were sitting in the front row but they were) and he told us about his very neat life and experiences like how he was a bodyguard for Mike Nesmith. He promised he'd be our connection to all these concerts that would come to our area. Well, unfortunately, we didn't get the opportunity to get his e-mail or home address and he didn't get ours…well, he got Erica's but we aren't sure if he remembered it. Now we are on a search. If you are or know the Keith we're talking about, please E-mail us and tell us where you are. Thanks.

-Rebecca!! and Erica!!

Rebecca!! here.
Y'know, I'm a really very unusually weird girl. Just ask my friends. Well, everyone at the concert had CDs and books and pictures that they wanted autographed. Me, I had something rather different autographed. Y'know what it was? Well, it's framed and hanging in my room right now. OK, enough beating around the bush. I had my report card signed. It is my straight A report card for the first semster of my Sophmore year (which luckly just ended with the summer). My mommy said 'cause I got straight A's both Marking periods, she bought my ticket to go. Pathetic, I know, plus it was my brother's 12th birthday the day of the concert too but I enjoyed it and I love it.
Your Friend
Tender, Kind, and Loving
Truthful to the End.
This is a Recording...

Welp, Next concert the girls go to, it'll be up her and hopefully, everyone's pictures will turn out.

But for now…

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