Shoe Suede Blues
March 23rd, 2002
Club 66
Edgewood, MD

by: Erica!!

After I cut out of work early, my Mom, bless her heart, drove me up to Becca's house for the weekend so we could go see SSB at Club 66. I arrive there don't much happens to really note before Becca drives up to Edgewood where the Club is at. We get there with almost perfect timing but we have a hard time finding the club.. I end up going in a 7-11 asking for directions and we go into this American Legion Club (which was have it's regular Bingo Night) and find out we were next to it and drive by it about 4 times but the sign was block by the trailer... (only figures)...

We go in.. and pay are way and get our hand stamped... Rebecca finds a few people that she knew that were sitting in the chairs in the front and we stand right next to them in the crowded room. And while we wait for SSB to come there are 2 opening acts that were really good and then pretty good. Then SSB comes on and gets ready on stage... And when Peter walks in on stage he runs right past me..

They start to sing and if you ask me now what they started with I would have to say your crazy because I don't remember. I just started off watching them play.. as people started to get up to dance.. It was a pretty crowed place for such a small place. At least by the 6th or 7th song I got into the swing of things and started dancing. It was kind of hard because everyone was stepping on top of everyone. And Becca had her faithful camera out to tape the show:)... And from the stage you got looks from Peter and Tadg.

Other then that.... I don't remember much. They took at least two breaks... And they guy that owns they place sang Johnny B. Goode. And they gave out some awards as well. And it was pretty much all a good time this one girl that was after Peter saying things like "I love you" and etc.. and drinking down the beers! And at one point when Peter wasn't singing.. she said something and Peter yelled back "I'm not stopping the F***ing show to take a picture with you" still with a complete smile on his face mind you.

Then they had to stop due to the time (there's a law in Maryland that you can't have noise (or something after 11:30) so they quit and walked off stage. To the autograph table. Me and Becca were there shortly after going to the Merchandise table ... and Becca went first and then I went and handed my piece of paper to them.. I told the drummer that I only had this due to lack of money and being poor. he Highly understood. Then the other autographs went through like an assembly line. And then as it went through Becca Tadg stopped her and wanted to know about the footage she shoot and her name. And he also handed her his business card so that she could send that to her... (she can explain it better well because it happened to her)

Then Peter came out seconds later after doing autographs to do pictures.. And me and Becca were again in line. And Becca went first and Bonnie took the pictures for us. And Peter was sweet said a few words and he did a funny pose with her that I happened to see.:) (again Becca can explain what happened there better)

Then I went up And Peter looked down at my pants and my underwear line happened to be showing (OY!) and he asked "Is that part of pants?" I looked down.. "And asked "Don't try to get down my pants" (or something to the affect) I then went to his side.. then he calmly asked if "Can I look down you shirt instead".. I think I was left speechless because I had nothing to come back too... We took the picture.. A hug cheek to cheek.. Finally words came to as I was walking away.. And said something like "Maybe at the next show" and I don't know it was all mush by then because I was just cracking up.. I'm pretty sure there was more but I can't remember.. But I did get hit on.. Right?

Yeah so after that we just stood around a little bit longer and then left. And were able to find our way out of Edgewood. And when we got back just watched Daydream Believers with Micky talking through it (the DVD) which I fell asleep at the end.. Because it had been a long day!



Eventually, Rebecca!! will take the time to sit through all her camera footage to take some snapshots of the show from the video. Until then, why not look at pictures of us?

Erica!! and Some Guy
Erica!! and Some Guy
Rebecca!! and That Same Guy
Rebecca!! and That Same Guy


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