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Wild Bill Gelbke and Roadog!

Back in 1965 a guy by the name of William Gelbke, also known as "Wild Bill", constructed a bike of his own design. He dubbed his creation "ROADOG" and began touring the United States on it. Bill and ROADOG were seen all over the country. It is said that Bill put over 20,000 miles on ROADOG the first year alone.

Worlds Largest Motorcycle

1972 an article on ROADOG was printed in a magazine. The article stated that the bike was 17-feet long and weighed 3,280 pounds! Also, that it could easily cruise at 90+ MPH, and that Bill had driven the bike more than 20,000 miles with no problems. The article pointed out that Bill's goals were to produce a bike that was dependable, had out-standing highway roadability, and high-speed, long distance cruising ability. Bill certainly achieved his goals!