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This is where you can find your favortie Monkee songs that have been turned in Mid's I have 55 of them. And also you can find Mid's that our not Monkees but could be from other bands you like. You will soon see and I hope you like this.



I'm A Believer, A Little Bit Me, Auntie Municipal Court, I'll Be Back Upon My Feet, Cuddly Toy, Daily Nightly, Daydream believer, Door Into Summer, Dream World, Forget That Girl, For Pete's Sake, Take A Giant Step, Girl, Goin' Down, Auntie Grizelda, Hard To Believe, Hold On Girl, I'll Spend My Life With You, I Wanna Be Free, You Just may Be The One, Ladies Night Out, Laugh, Look Out Here Comes Tommorow, Magnolia Simms, Mary,Mary, Morning Blues And Greens, Last Train To Clarksville, Door Into Summer, Listen To The Band, Monkee Theme Song, Mr Webster, It's Nice To Be With You, Papa Gene Blues, P.O Box 9847, Porpoise, Poster, Pleasnet Valley Sunday, Riu Chiu, RSG, Shades Of Grey, She, She Hangs Out, Sometime In The Morning, Star Collector, Stepping Stone, Sunny Girlfriend, Tapioca Tundra, That Was Then,This is Now, Valleri, Words, Writing Words, Zor Zam, Differnt Drum, Kind Of Girl I could Love, When Love Comes Knocking At your door


The Beatles

8 Days A Week, Happy Christmas, Hard Day's Nignt, No Where's Man, Ob la di, Ticket To Ride, When I'm Sixty Four


Beach Boys

I Wish They All Can Be California Girls, FunFunFun, Good Vibrations, Help Me Rhonda, Kokomo, Surfin' USA


Rolling Stones

Jumping Jack Flash, Paint It Black, Satisfaction,


Hermans Hermits

A Kind Of A Hush, Henry The Eighth I Am,


Jimi Hendrix

Foxy Lady, Purple Haze,



Bohemian Rapsidy, We Will Rock You



Blue Monday,
American Breed
Bend Me Shape Me,
Barbie Girl,
Sheryl Crow
All I Wanna Do Is Have Some Fun,
Cherry Poppin' Daddies
Zoot Suit Riot,
Paul Simon
Mrs. Robinson,
David Cassidy
I Think I Love You,
Smash Mouth
Walking on The Sun,
Sugar Sugar,
Harvey Dangerfield
Flag Pole Sitting


This is all I have for now... I hope there will be more soon. But I'm [Erica!!] going on vaction so when ever i get back I'll put more Mid's up. But this is enough for now.

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