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Egg Drop Project


Objective: This is an individual project to be done at home. You are to make or build something that is the lightest possible weight, and yet durable enough to protect an egg thrown off the swimming pool roof so that the egg doesn't break from the fall. Think of the egg as a passenger in a car going through a crash test.


A - Egg survives the fall fully intact
B - Egg is cracked, but intact
C - Egg is broken
E - Project is not done or disqualified


  • Of course the egg and its contraption must hit the ground! I will be doing the throwing, and I'll throw them anyway I want!
  • No balloons or parachutes are allowed.
  • The egg and the project must weigh less than 200 grams. ( the average egg weighs 50 grams)
  • Only raw, store bought chicken eggs; size medium or larger may be used. You may NOT soak the egg in vinegar.
  • Your egg project must fit on a regular size sheet of paper. (note that it may be 3 ft high and still fit on the paper)
  • Your egg project must have an opening the size of my pinky finger where i can see a portion of the egg.
  • You may not use nerf balls, pillows, or stuffed animals to protect your egg.
  • You may bring in your project early to weigh it - if your project is overweight you may take it home and make any neccesary alterations. If you wait until the last minute and your project is overweight, it will be disqualified.
  • Once a project is in school it may not be touched by anyone other than its owner. Please have your name and class period written on it.
  • Once a project has hit the ground it will your responsibility to retrieve your egg and show it to the score keeper for scoring.

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