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  The Zeppelin Tube- the tube of unlimited power that can only be used for good or evil...
( Thanx Firesign Theatre )

** Dan's Small
Parts & Kits
** Mouser Electronics
* Circuit
* Digi-Key
Marlin P. Jones
& Associates
Ham Parts Sources
Here are some good electronic parts outlets for the home builder. All offer printed catalogs on request. The asterisks indicate low/no minimum order, low cost shipping, or both. Some of them don't have websites, but you can get a catalog by calling the toll-free numbers. It is very enjoyable to build your own equipment- you can even design special gear that can't be bought anywhere.

* Hosfelt Electronics (888)264-6464 or (800)524-6464

AF4K Mega Parts Suppliers List Awesome!
** All Electronics
** Ocean State
** RadioShack
Fair Radio Sales
C & H Sales Co.
Herbach & Rademan
Far Circuits
** Amidon

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