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Bobtails and Half Squares

These antennas offer big gun DX performance on the low bands,
yet they are surprisingly simple to build. Try one- you will like it!


"The 'Bobtail' Bidirectional Broadside Curtain"; Woodrow Smith, W6BCX;
Antenna Manual, Editors and Engineers, 1948, p.204-205

1948 Antenna Manual article about the Bobtail antenna by Editor W6BCX

"Bet My Money on a Bobtail Beam"; Woodrow Smith, W6BCX; CQ, March 1948
The original article by the inventor of the Bobtail antenna

"The Half Square Antenna"; Ben Vester, K3BC; QST, March 1974, p.11
"Before the four square array, there was the half square array..."

"The 20-Meter Double Bobtail"; Jerrold A. Swank, W8HXR; 73, May 1980, p.44
Interesting article with rave review of a 20 meter bobtail

"The Half Square Antenna"; Robert "Hasan" Schiers, N0AN; Ham Radio,
December 1981, p.48

Excellent Article- discusses coaxial capacitors, multiband use

"The Bobtail Curtain and Inverted Ground Plane, Part One"; Woodrow Smith, W6BCX;
Ham Radio, February 1983, p.82

Excellent Article- fully explains the development of the Bobtail antenna in the mid-1940's

"Bobtail Curtain Follow-Up: Practical DX Signal Gain"; Woodrow Smith, W6BCX;
Ham Radio, March 1983, p.28

Discusses exceptional low band performance of bobtails and half squares, why voltage-feed is best

"Rotate the Bobtail Curtain"; Jerrold A. Swank, W8HXR; 73, May 1985, p.48
A clever method of switching the half square's pattern to end fire using a quarter wave stub
Editor Note: The antenna is not as exciting a DX performer in end fire mode- Think of it as behaving more like a dipole with closer-in coverage.

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