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Direct QSL Hints

Successfully Navigating the Maze of Overseas QSLing

Stamps/Envelopes Sources

1. William J. Plum DX Supplies, Flemington, NJ
Foreign postage stamps, mailing envelopes, QSLs, and other related items

William J. Plum
12 Glenn Road
Flemington, NJ 08822-3322
(908) 788-1020 FAX (908)782-2612

2. James E. Mackey, K3FN, West Hartford, CT
Foreign postage stamps, mailing envelopes, rubber stamps, and other related items

K3FN has an excellent website listing his items.

James E Mackey
PO Box 270569
West Hartford, CT 06127-0569
(860) 521-7254

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