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Dynamic Propagation
OH2AQ DX Summit
OH2AQ Search
Juliet Alpha DX Cluster
Grayline + MUF
Solar Terrestrial Activity
Useful Ham-DX Tools Here are some handy DXer's tools: solar/propagation data, near-realtime DX spots, zones info, new/old Russian prefixes, a language translator, and more. Enjoy!

Logger- Free Download Get this great logging utility written by Bob Furzer, 9K2ZZ/N6BFM/K4CY. Free to all hams. I use this program and highly recommend it.

More Ham-DX Tools
Grayline Map
Old/New Prefix
Lookup, IRC/USD
Language Translator
NB6Z Prop Tools
Quack's DX
Prop Archives
Prop. Predict
MUF Charts
27 Day Forecast
SFI/A/K Last 30

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