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Direct QSL Hints

Successfully Navigating the Maze of Overseas QSLing

QSL Methods Survey for 'Difficult' Countries

In the past year or so, have you successfully received a QSL from the various countries in the CIS from a direct QSL mailing? (Especially UA) Or how about those difficult South American, African, Indian Ocean, or Asian countries? If you are getting good results, I would very much appreciate hearing from you. Note that I am not interested in your results to western Europe, Canada and Mexico, and other such places that are considered easy. If you are not sure whether a particular country is considered 'difficult', it probably is not.

I will soon be doing some direct mailings to UA9/UA0 for needed 80m cards. From what I hear, the bureau system in Russia has pretty much broken down. Cards are just sitting around and not being put in the mail. Meanwhile, mail theft from ham direct QSL mailings is widespread. Yet a certain percentage of mailings does get through- I find this fascinating, and I am sure any active DXer would too.

I know of several info sources about QSLing on the net, but I have not seen one that addresses this particular problem in enough detail with current, up-to-date information. This is a situation where good attention to detail certainly pays off. Here are examples of the type of info I am looking for:

* What percentage of your mailings have gotten through and produced returns?
* What type of envelopes did you use? What size? See-through or privacy-lined? Did you use carbon paper or similar? Did you seal the flap- Very well? So-so? Just tucked in? Did you cut an inspection corner off of the envelope?
* What postage funds were sent- Dollars? IRCs? SASE? Other?
* Did you use registered mail or any other unusual method?
* What kind of stamps were on the mailer envelope- Regular? Commemoratives? Pitney Bowes or similar locally printed metered label?
* How were destination and return addresses written- By hand? Typed? Computer printed label? Preprinted return address? (etc.)

Well, you get the idea- no detail is too trivial. If you have gotten cards from direct mailing to these places, please share your success with the rest of us! Your info will be added to the data base and will help shape the comments and details on this page. Note : I am equally interested in your failures ! What did you try that did not work? Perhaps together we can develop a clearer idea of practices to avoid.
Thanks, 73, David K3KY

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