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" Sid Fudd, the great scientist/sportsman

once said..."
( Thanx Firesign Theatre )

  starbright.gif Everyone has opinions- here are a few of mine. I enjoy getting
up on the soapbox once in a while. These writings are all over
the map, so if you happen to find one you actually like, keep
looking- you're bound to find one that offends, sooner or later.

What is Reality?
Did "The Matrix" get you
thinking? Perhaps you are
ready for
"The Course" ...
' The Rapture' -
Bill Moyers Commentary

Oh, joy...
Scalia of the Supremes-
There's a new band in town

Listen to the music...
The Millennium Contagion
Y2K had you worried?
Calm down and read this...
Television "Vast
Wasteland" Speech
The Duet.......The Duet
"Instead of this,
I could see peace"
Hate Frames Websites?
So do 90% of other
web users- Here's why...
Internet 'Performance
- Earthclown
Internet 'Performance
- Coffee
Internet 'Performance
- Neon Girl

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