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Amateur Radio DXing


Welcome to the global village of 'ham' radio! This site focuses on the art and technology of DXing. Nothing matches the thrill of talking directly with distant and exotic places (DX) over 'short wave' radio, and the satisfaction that comes from mastering the art. DXing today is a fascinating blend of technologies spanning the entire 20th century, from turn-of-the-century telegraphers' skills, through all the stages of radio evolution, and ending with the latest computer software and hardware developments. Radio is fun! Like anything worthwhile, it does take a little effort to get started, but it is easy to earn a beginner's license. New hams quickly gain practical experience on the air, and some are drawn to DXing. DXers become acquainted with radio technology, signal propagation, and computers, as well as a variety of related fields such as world history, geography, climate, culture, and politics. They become good will ambassadors, making the airwaves an interesting and welcoming place. Although global communications are easy with computers and cell phones, they will never rival the magic and adventure of ham radio. All too soon, their novelty is gone, but the joys of DXing long endure.


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