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Interview with *NSYNC's Hairstylist

From: Sophisticate's Hairstyle Guide from Feb.2001

If you think only girls sit around talking about their hair, think again. Boys want to stay on the mane edge, too, especially like the hotties of *NSYNC. One lucky gal gets to hear it all -- their stylist. Monica Blount is on the road with the boy band, spending every minute (we're talking 24/7) with Justin, Lance, Joey, JC and Chris.

She's witnessed the throng of fans (she survived a stampede in Spain) and she knows the guys' personal grooming habits (do we really want to know? Yes!) Sophiticate's takes you backstage on their hyper-hot No Strings Attached tour.

Talk Time
"They're like brothers; they talk about everything together, including hair. They don't primp, but the way they look is a big deal, so they're into their hair and hair products."

Trading Places
"Sometimes it runs through my head, like 'Imagine how many girls would want to be doing their hair or touching their head right now.' They are such nice, down-to-earth guys that sometimes I forget they are superstars."

Boys to Men
"Over the past couple years, I've seen them transform. They are more men now. Their style is more rocky and sleek -- a GQ kind of chic."

Rad Red Head
"Joey was dead-set on that red (Fudge's Red Corvette shade). The guys would try and talk him out of it all the time. We never understood why he liked to so much."

Justin's Curls
"I love his little locks. I play with them all the time. It's fun to do different colors with them, but it's definitely a lot of maintenence. His hair grows pretty fast!"

Chris's Big Snip
"Justin was egging Chris on about cutting his hair, going 'Man, you'd look so cool.' If Justin wasn't there, Chris would've been less eager to cut it short, but we did it and Chris just loves it."

Their Individual Hair Tips
Lance: "We love those bleach-tipped, spikey ends, but watch out -- Lance may let his hair grow! The soon-to-see style? 'Razored and edgy.'"

Chris: "The braids begone, Chris keeps it simple with Redken Water Wax rubbed through for a piecey, textured look."

JC: "One time for fun, Monica bleached JC's goatee, but he soon shaved it off. He plays it cool with a close cut, no color and a pomade like American Crew Fiber to style."

Joey: "Back to his original dark shade, Joey uses Redken's Fat Cat volumizer and American Crew Fiber."

Justin: "Justin uses Farouk BioSilk for deep conditioning. To tame his natural curls, Monica twists each lock then seals it with Redken Water Wax."

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