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Have you considered marketing your own Roses?

At J.B. Williams and Associates, we are breeders of many of the world's prize-winning roses. We offer new and unusual roses for exclusive introduction to the Nursery Industry. Whatever your needs, we can offer a new rose in the perfect color, form, or habit of growth, all based around your personal preference. Not only is the rose the most popular floral adornment, but it is now our national flower. 

 If you have a catalog or mailing list, you can dramatically increase your sales volume by marketing your own rose varieties. We can register, trademark, or patent your selection in virtually any name you desire. By marketing your very own rose, the sales of your variety will result in more substantial, long-term profit for you and your company. For more details on how we can put a rose in your future, call or write us directly: 

J. B. Williams & Associates Plant Breeders and Horticultural Consultants 
2800 Elnora Street 
Silver Spring, MD 20902 

 (301) 949-1688 


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